Overcome fear of flying – II

There are many people who are afraid of flying, although the plane is one of the safest means of transport and has gradually become a very common phenomenon.

6. Organize your trip: today it is possible to plan the trip easily and quickly, using flight search engines, planners with hotel / car information and pages with activities to do in that city where we are going. All these tools allow us to study prices, compare and see offers.

This will help you to be safe during the trip, since you will have made a careful selection of the flights / stops and airports that you will use.

7. Imagine that you are in the car or on a bus: when you are flying, imagine that instead of the plane you are traveling in a car / bus on a road. Where that road is extensive, safe and on land. And when there is a turbulence or sudden movement, it is as if you had gone through a pothole. Practicing this exercise can help you stay calm at key moments of the flight.

And always remember, the plane is a very safe method and is designed to withstand different weather conditions and activate protocols as needed. For example when a plane goes through a turbulence, a flight procedure is applied where the speed is reduced to that of maximum structural resistance and thus the feeling of movement for the passenger is less.

In the end, if you develop the ability to visualize yourself in another place while you are on the plane, you will gradually take away that feeling of overwhelm / fear of flying.

8. Always fly well: whenever you are going to take a flight, try to do it feeling good, having rested the night before, in good health and with all meals. It is important that the day you fly, you are calm and have no stress situation. Therefore, you should never travel while sick or in poor condition, at that time it is much easier for you to have thoughts or worries and feel fear.

It is advisable to take night flights, so you will be tired all day and when you get to the flight you will sleep easily, in the end you will have a good experience while flying and little by little you will lose your fear.

9. Use sleeping pills: if you have already tried some of the tips we have mentioned before and it is still difficult for you to fly, you could go to the doctor to prescribe some pain reliever or medication, to help you sleep and thus be relaxed during the flight . This way, you won’t find out about the trip and you won’t have such a bad time while you’re in the air.

10. Seek help from professionals: if the fear is such that it can paralyze you while you fly, having the support of a psychologist specialized in this type of phobias can help you a lot. He will be able to give you another point of view and specific tools, which you can put into practice when you face the flying situation and thus know how to react correctly.

If you are one of those people who are afraid of flying, these tips can help you. It will not be an immediate process, but little by little you will overcome that fear and end up charming every time you should fly. We invite you to tell us your experience when you fly, surely for other people it will be very useful.

We wish you a happy flight!

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