Overcome the fear of flying-I

There are many people who are afraid of flying, although the plane is one of the safest means of transport and has gradually become a very common phenomenon. Around 20% of the population, presents this fear of flying or airplanes. In many cases, he is to blame for a large number of people not knowing different places / cultures or rejecting jobs.
So if you are one of them and at some point you have wondered how can you fight that fear? We tell you that there are some tricks that can help overcome it, so in today’s post we will focus on some of them, which with time and perseverance can benefit you.

1. Convince yourself that flying is a safe thing: if you take a moment, to check statistics and numbers, you will see that the plane is a safe method of transport and that the number of accidents is much smaller than in the case of cars. Many times, that fear of flying or airplanes, comes because we stop having good control because the plane does not take us and then thinking that if we have an accident, as we can tell.

But if we stop for a moment to think, we realize that if we apply the same thing to the car, the motorcycle or even a bicycle, it will be the same; In none of these cases do we have control at all times.

2. During the flight, have an object with you that can low the tension: it is good to have a specific object that we can focus on, while the flight lasts to channel the tension, stress or stress to fly. In this way, we will have the attention or think about something other than the flight and most importantly, we will not lose control.

3. Think about the things that await you: while you fly, try to concentrate and imagine those places that await you when you reach your destination. A paradise beach, mountains, beautiful lakes, castles, cathedrals or green forests, all places that will make you live adventures and great emotions to discover them. All these images will help you see the positive side of traveling and discover new places and culture.

4. Sit in a good position: if you are one of those who do not like to travel, you should avoid the seats that are in the tail of the plane and this is where the movement is most noticeable. More, it can give the feeling of being locked or trapped at the end of the device. Always try to have room, the closest to the wings that is the most stable part of the plane, near the emergency exits or in the front seats, where there is more legroom. Any of them, that is next to the corridor and not the window. Believe it or not, sitting comfortably during the flight can help you relax.

5. Become an action manual: to overcome the fear of flying, you will have to face that moment more than once. That is why it is good, that you make a list with instructions and thus focus your attention on the steps to follow to manage fear. An instruction can be repeated several times a certain word or do breathing exercises.

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