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Cheap websites to find flights

Finding cheap flights is not easy, to travel you have to compare many websites and you have to know where to look. Internet offers you the possibility of comparing flights and doing a couple of tricks you can get very affordable prices to travel by plane. There are countless websites where you can book flights including hotel and excursions.

You will use search engines or others depending on the country of origin. However, beyond the classic search engines that have been running for several years, new portals keep appearing that often make you waste your time. As we have already commented in previous posts the best way to choose cheap flights is to do it with time and have flexibility in choosing dates, but if you are a person that you can`t plan in advance of some months it is essential to use this type of search engines to find good offers. In the next post we will collect the most used sites so far in Spain so you can save money when traveling by plane.

Maybe one of the most used websites so far, being a reference for others that have come later. At first it looks like a complex web but it is not. They, apart from the flight, organize you the lodging and the rent of the car. The adaptation to the search of flights is one of their handicaps, allowing to include multiple routes through several countries. And the same happens with dates, giving you the cheapest option based on the selected return date. By using filters Skyscanner allows you to sort the results by time, scale number or by price. Undoubtedly one of the best websites to find cheap flights.

It has been one of the platforms of the sector that more has grown in the last years putting itself to the height of Skyscanner. Unlike other search engines, Kayak includes the functionality of combining the plane with other types of transport such as trains. Kayak includes a feature called “explore” that allows you to see on a map the cheapest flights according to destination. This functionality allows you to filter based on time. Another differentiating option of Kayak are the “2 + 1 trips” that allow you to buy a flight and a hotel through a single reservation, saving money and time.

Vuelos Baratos
Another travel search engine more, but in a short time has been able to position itself at the top. It has a very easy and simple usability. Its main function is to find prices on operator pages. As Kayak includes the option “multitransport” to make combinations throughout the trip. The difference with other operators, on their website offer a guide to low cost airlines with which they operate, giving the user the option to connect directly to the airline’s website and find cheap flights.

Last Minute
If you are a person who can not organize the trip with time, this portal is one of the most suitable to find last minute deals. His philosophy is precisely to find attractive offers at the last moment. It is even a portal that does a lot of promotions and discount coupons. In some cases being a 50% discount.

One portal that has grown in recent years becoming a leading website. It stands out for having a app with a very good design. Momondo includes low cost airlines such as Vueling, Wizz-Air or Ryanair. It has a lot of filters to organize the trip and compare different prices. One of the great advantages is the large number of results that makes available to you soon.

There are an infinity of webs that we have not named in the post but that are very useful for plan a cheap trip. Our suggestion would be that you should do a lot of searches between the best search engines and the websites of airlines. There are innumerable seekers and we have explained the advantages of the 5 most used sites. At Wepark we want to you have an ideal trip from the beginning till the end. If you consider yourself a traveling person and you use this type of websites, we advise you to have a place to leave the car for a year so you can enjoy 100% of the trip. Wepark offers an annual service. Throughout the year will have parking including 12 transfers to and from the airport. It is an excellent option if you travel frequently by plane.

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