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We are close to the Christmas season and gifts, so we found it ideal to prepare a post with good ideas for these occasions and thinking about those people who like to travel. And we have found a number of products, which will be very useful in a trip either leisure or work and that we are sure will not be those gifts to leave in the drawer. So, if you are one of those who are looking for ideas, read this post and take note.

Idea 1: Smart Backpack
Now it is very common to travel light and with little luggage, so this gift will surely come ideal. We talk about the smart backpack, it has the measures allowed to be billed as hand luggage, anti-scratches, usb port, waterproof, anti-theft security system, various compartments for laptop, tablet, mobile and chargers.

Idea 2: Briefcase for sports camera
For those who take their GoPro camera or a similar model to the trip and also all the accessories, a special case for the camera will be perfect for not occupying space in the travel backpack with the camera. It is a lightweight, compact and padded case for camera security against shocks.

Idea 3: Travel Guides
We know that it is now very common to carry the travel information on a mobile or tablet, but there is nothing like having that guide of the chosen destination and seeing photos, maps, recommendations and information. This will help you make better planning and get the most out of the time you are going to be in that place.

Idea 4: Travel pillow
With the advancement of technology we can now get a wide variety of pillows for trips, there are normal ones, those resistant for long journeys, those that are injected when they are going to be used and the massagers. Although we could call it a classic gift, it will be well received when traveling by plane or car.

Idea 5: Pocket translator
When traveling, a factor that is always taken into account is that of the language of the destination or if you have enough English to be able to understand you with others in the place; That’s why when we read about pocket translators we loved it. And now

Thanks to these small devices, you can easily communicate in more than 100 languages and start traveling without fear.

Idea 6: Travel Router
When you always travel for some reason, we run out of internet at some point and this becomes a problem. So, another good idea we bring, is to give a travel router so that person can be connected throughout the trip.

This is perfect if there is not much coverage in the place, there is no wi-fi or the router is congested. Since this router can be carried in the backpack, it is used with a local SIM card with data and it is only to connect your devices and navigate.

Idea 7: Travel Album
Although traveling is very common to make a large part of the photos with your mobile or with a digital camera, there is nothing like then sitting at home to see them physically and remember the good times lived. So a travel album with a nice design, which includes pages for photos, stickers, pockets for storing tickets or tickets and sheets to point out the fun experiences, will be perfect to remember how well you had fun.

Whether a backpack, a guide or an accessory, all are good ideas to give to those friends, couples or family travelers. Did you like any? Which of these gifts would you stay with?

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