When the time comes for a trip, we certainly always think about what will be the best time to buy our tickets? That’s why in our post today we are going to give you some tips so you can get the best prices.

The first thing to consider is how and when to look, since the flight companies have a series of strategies so that the cheapest tickets are not always available. There are many factors that influence the price, the distance of the flight (short or long), the anticipation of the trip, the day of departure or return, the time of the flight, the airport from which you leave or arrive, that is why the importance of planning the trip with time and thus save.

1.- Plan:
When you start organizing the trip, keep in mind the plane tickets. If it is a short distance trip it is best to see them 1-2 months in advance and if it is long distance between 3-4 months.

2.-Flexibility to travel:
If you travel in high season or during holiday periods (Christmas-Easter-Carnival, etc.), it is best to look for the ticket with time and have search engines, where you will have the prices.

If this is not the case and you have flexibility in the days, the possibility of getting a cheaper ticket will be greater. In the search engines use the flexible dates option and so as you see the price ranges, you can select the option that best fits prices.

3.- Delete cookies from the computer:
Before you start searching for a flight, delete all cookies from your computer, browse in incognito mode or use different devices. Since if the companies’ websites detect that you have been looking for flights before, they will not show you the cheapest prices. To the point that the price you see the first time, it will not be the same as you will see if you do a second or third search.

In this case, the cookie works as a tracker and knows how many times you have entered a web page and detecting interest in the same search will increase the price.

4.- Buy round trip ticket:
Even if you only need a one-way ticket, consider buying round-trip tickets as this will always be cheaper. At the company level, working with closed dates and planning flights is better for them. That’s why the difference between both options.

5.- The best days to buy:
According to studies, it has been concluded that the best days to look for a flight in tourist or premium class are on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, which is when companies launch the sale / offers of tickets.

Out of these three, the days you should never make the purchase are on weekends, since that is when the major searches are done and the tickets are more expensive.

6.- Buy directly from the airlines:
To study the prices, days and destinations that are best for you, it is ideal to use search engines. Once you have clear the option, it is best to go directly to the website of the airline, since the search engines at the end of the purchase will always charge you a fee for their services.

7.- Select the best airport:
If the city you are traveling to is one of the main cities or is very large, it probably has more than one airport. If you have this case, selecting the airport that is farthest from the city center can save between 10-20 euros. In many cases these secondary airports have low cost or standard airline flights and are also well connected with shuttle buses or trains. So do not discard this option and keep it in mind.

8.- Flights with scale:
Although this is not the best option at first sight, it is in many cases the most economical. When you do the flight search, check the stopover option and check the price difference.

There are some routes that leave much cheaper if instead of making the direct flight, you make a short stop at an intermediate point or if you make long stops of several hours. With this last option, you may even have the option of knowing the city without paying for a flight to that destination.

In the end as you can see, getting good prices depends a little on many things. From now on when you travel, keep these tips in mind and find the best deals on flights.

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