Travel with children II

There is no one who knows your children better than you, so it is important that when planning the trip, you take into account their needs, tastes or preferences. If you do, we are sure that the trip will be a success.

In the previous post we had given you some tips for family trips, how there are several factors to consider today we give you some more. Take the note:

1-Travel at night: if you travel by plane, car or train, it is best to do it at night. In this way, all children can sleep and rest during the journey. If you are traveling with a baby, in almost all airplanes they can grant you special cribs for a plane.

2- Have games and electronic devices on hand: if you use this type of devices or simple games, you can keep the children more entertained. Mobile phones, video games, laptops, tablets or any device; as well as paper, colored pencils, letters, books or stories. On some planes or trains, you can find children’s movies or video games on the screens of their seats.

3 – Take a bag with food from home, sweets and pajamas: having this on hand will help you calm the children quickly and make the trip more bearable. Feed them with something known, some hiccups or putting on his pajamas will make them feel as home.

4 – Plan meals and places to eat: your children need to eat well, at their times and in the places where they can eat the food to their liking is important. Feed the children is not an easy task, so it is good that the food time is planned during the trip and remember that they eat several times a day, what they can eat and what they cannot.

5 – Stay in a hotel or holiday home: if it is true that the first option has many advantages, it is important to keep in mind that a holiday home will be more comfortable to be with children. You can cook, the children have their room and a living room where they can share it all together.

6- Contact information: if during the trip they will be in places with many people, big cities or where it is easy to lose sight of them in a moment. It does not hurt, that you put them contact information; For example, you can write your phone number and your name on his arm.

This will be very useful if they are lost, so when someone find this information, they can contact with you. Another way is to have a GPS locator and have it monitored by the application.

7- Look for a pool: try to make sure that you have a pool where you are going to stay or the site of the trip. Most of the children love to be in it, besides that after having a good time in it they are exhausted and it is easier to take them to bed.

We hope you found these tips helpful and have an amazing vacation. Remember, if you want to share your experience with us, we will be happy to read it.

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