What to do in Alicante on August?

Surely you know that Alicante is one of the favorite destinations to unwind in holiday
moments: its beaches, its light and its temperature make you, in August, live on the Costa
Blanca a vacation you will never forget. But, the city of Alicante not only stands out for those
three factors known to all, but it has much beyond what we can see and go to discover it, it is a
privilege if we have a plan before it makes us go to its best places and events
If you are thinking about escaping to Alicante in your next holidays or, on the contrary you still
do not know where to go, we are going to tell you what you can do in this city so that you can
enjoy the best August and one of the most beautiful cities of the Spanish coast:

# 1 Beaches
Of course we will not stop talking about one of the key elements and why Alicante is different,
which are its own beaches. Not only the typical and mythical ones that you listen to on the
radio and watch on television, but in the city and its surroundings there are small coves with
dreamy landscapes and crystal clear waters. Among the most idyllic we can name the
Granadella Beach in Jávea, La Caleta and L’Esparrelló in Villajoyosa, the Carabassí Beach in
Elche, Racó de l'Albir in Alfaz del Pi or La Roda Beach in Altea.
Many of these options also allow you to enjoy water sports such as snorkeling or paddle
But, at night, do not forget to enjoy a moment of relaxation at the foot of the sea in the
multiple beach bars that are distributed by the different beaches and coves. We advise you to
choose which one can be your favorite and you inform yourself of your beach bar, sure
you have, and hold events depending on the dates such as parties or live music.

# 2 Cultural Activities
Although you want to be outdoors, there are many cultural activities that are not on the
streets and also, that can make you enjoy a good time.
If you opt for the capital of Alicante, you can´t miss the Cirque du Soleil that visits the city this
year. In the Polígono de Rabassa and until August 19, you can enjoy a show that has been
around the world.
If you want to know flamenco, you can enjoy several shows of this genre during the month of
August at Tablao Flamenco Luceros 16.
In the famous MARQ – Archaeological Museum of Alicante -, the exhibition “Rupestre. The first
sanctuaries”, gathers through several artists, the main results of rock art in the province of
Also in this museum, is the exhibition “The Treasure of Sant Joan d’Alacant”, showing a set of
coins from the Alicante area.
In the MUBAG – Museum of Fine Arts Gravina -, you will find the exhibition of the Collection of
the Diputación de Alicante by Emilio Varela, in the MACA – Contemporary Art Museum of

Alicante – an Art collection of the XX Century and in the Municipal Archive, the exhibition
“Miguel Hernández in the Alicante prison: an attempt to silence the word”.

# 3 The night of Alicante
One of the advantages of this city is that its nights can be both to enjoy a party or to be relaxed
walking and contemplating its landscapes. Therefore, when it gets dark near the sea, Alicante
offers plans such as:
The Old Town. It is special in the city because the Casco Antiguo itself offers numerous pubs
where you can enjoy music and a drink, but also to sit relaxed dinner near the cathedral or the
church of Santa María. The Barrio de Santa Cruz is one of the most named for its appearance:
its white and blue streets are full of flowers, stairs that go up to viewpoints that make you
contemplate the city and a special charm of small houses that make you feel in a movie.
The Port, which from the Volvo to the Explanada you see the sea, is a magnificent tour to enjoy
the views and discover the key points of the city.

But, of course, if what you need is to know which are the areas where there is more
atmosphere, do not forget to go to the famous Castaños street, San Francisco and the San Juan
beach promenade, since from many pubs, bars to chiringuitos , they will make you find what
you are looking for.

Alicante is the perfect city for you to enjoy the plan you have in mind, in addition, its contrast
of plans will make you not miss anything and you can always go to what you need: from rest to
adventure. Do not miss its gastronomy, where its rice star dish will remind you that you are in
one of the best maritime areas of the peninsula. When you decide to return to your city, we
from We Park will continue to protect your car before catching your flight in our parking lot
and your 24 hour surveillance.
Enjoy Alicante!

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