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What you can’t forget when you are going to do a trip

Planning a trip is another journey, since we take care well in advance the minimum detail so that the experience is as we are thinking or want, enjoy the environment and then be able to count all the places we have visited and experiences that we have learned in the past. But, for a trip to be everything enriching that we want, something as indispensable as luggage, in times, we overlooked it when creating our routes, and we do not feel that it is the
engine that will make a difference in whether something goes well or not. Surely you know what clothing you want to include, that the footwear should be comfortable to visit monuments or the most basic everyday objects, but then we leave you a few more They may be very useful in your next outing.

Where do I begin?
In the same way that you plan your getaway, you must also do it with your suitcase.
We recommend that you make a list with everything you need to visit the place what you have raised And, to elaborate it, inform yourself with detail of the destination.
Issues such as climate, customs or traditions are fundamental to not let nothing go unnoticed. But, besides that, depending on the transport, there are some conditions that They must comply as to the suitcase and what is inside it. In this case, yes you travel by plane and for example you decide not to bill it because it is a near destination and your flight company is low cost, you should know that all your luggage will be in a space of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Thinking in this way will also help you to be practical and limit yourself to really what is necessary.

Neceser, what does it include?

The toiletry bag is one of the items that most occupy in a suitcase, so you We advise you to be as minimalist as possible and keep in mind that, on the plane, you can not include containers with liquids that exceed 100ml and these
They should be in a clear plastic bag. That the format of the toilet be rigid and can adapt to the shape of the suitcase. Cosmetics, you can bet by samples, since exceeding the rules will make you check the bag. Objects like nail clippers, scissors or razors, first you must inform yourself of your company and destination, since not all allow them in the same way. And it happens also with medications.

Portable Charger
This object can save any memory of a trip. You will upload from phone, to the camera or the music player. But not only that, you can be useful in case you need to connect the GPS to locate yourself in an area where
suddenly your phone has run out of battery, send a message or make a important call.

They are key to organizing your clothes, especially the dirty one or the one you have already used. If your suitcase is not very big and you do not have many sections to be able divide it, count on cloth bags will be very useful to create different spaces and do not mix it.

There are the travel ones made of fiber, which dry much faster and occupy less.

If your destination is warm and you have seen that the storm for the days of your visit is not will play a trick, you can think about this object, but it does not occupy in excess and It will help you with any unforeseen situation.

First aid kit
It is recommended that you have a small kit in your luggage. As We have commented, first you must inform yourself about the area and the conditions of flight, but roughly, do not forget to include elements for dizziness, generic pains, basic material of cures -thirites, tape, toilet paper, cotton, gauze or ointment-, allergies or sun exposure.

Make sure your luggage is well closed and protected, sometimes we have everything in order, but we lack something as indispensable as that.

Although you surely do not forget about it, do keep in mind what are the essential documents: DNI / Passport-minimum validity of 6 months-, card of driving, flight and accommodation details, health card, health insurance, card
of vaccination, credit cards, telephones of interest, money -in local currency- and security cover.

Let your luggage help you to turn your getaway into a unique experience and not make think of nothing more than enjoying, for that, for your tranquility make all the elements count and be sure, from the suitcase to your car, for We at We Park offer you surveillance service and access to your vehicle 24 hours, so that your sole purpose this time is to turn the getaway into your best trip and always with the certainty that everything is under control.

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