Cheap flights for july?

Do you want to travel? Well do not think more, because we bring you a selection of cheap flights from Alicante so you can start enjoying the good weather. And what better way to do it than discovering new destinations?
This article is designed for college students, and in July they have already finished their exams, so they have time and desire to travel. Anyway, so that those who still do not have a vacation in July can also take advantage of some of the bargains that we have found, we have selected trips that coincide with the weekends.

1.- Palma, Santiago y Tenerife
Palma de Mallorca is our first proposal. We suggest you start, for this beautiful city located on the island of Mallorca. For this we have selected a one-way flight for Thursday July 4 at 9:25 pm and one return flight for Sunday 07 at 9:15 p.m. The round trip ticket would come out at 128.18 euros and would be with Ryanair airline.
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If you are someone who prefers another type of landscape, before the sun and the beach, and you want to stay in Spain, do not worry because we bring you two more flights. For 106.55 euros you can travel to Santiago de Compostela from Thursday 11 July to Saturday 13 and for 65.85 euros you can go discover the magical city of Seville from Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 July.
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2.- Nottingham
Nottingham is the perfect choice for those fleeing touristy destinations. This city located in the heart of England has many things to offer. Nottingham is famous worldwide thanks to the character of Robin Hood and his legend. And is one of the obligatory stops, is to make the route that goes through the Sherwood Forest, where it is said that Robin Hood fulfilled all his exploits.
It is also recommended to enjoy the views from the Castle of Nottingham, visit the more than 500 caves that are around the city or discover the Hockle district and its Victorian architecture.

If you are interested in this option, you should know that the flights we have found are for Thursday July 25 at 10:30 pm and the return flight on Sunday, July 28 at 5:45 pm. Both are operated by Ryanair and its total price is 154.87 euros per passenger.
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3.- París
Who would not want to photograph under the Eiffel Tower, stroll along the Seine river or visit the Louvre? For something Paris is known as the city of love and an excellent place to walk while going from one place to another looking for the main monuments of this beautiful city.
For all these reasons, it could not stay out of our travel list, and even less if you can go and return for 194.98 euros. The outbound flight would leave at 06:40 on the morning of Thursday, July 11 and back at 09:30 in the morning on Sunday, July 14, so you would have three full days to visit Paris.
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4.- Milán
How about visiting Italy? Milan is waiting for you from the 26th to the 28th of July for 206.97 euros. Discover the Milan Cathedral, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Teatro alla Scala, the Sforzesco Castle or the Monumental Cemetery. If you want to know it well, we recommend you dedicate at least two days to this city. If you have more time, you should visit Lake Commo.
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In any case, if the dates we have found do not suit you, we encourage you to check the availability of flights through this link. Throughout the month of July there are quite a few combinations that can come out at a good price.

5.- Düsseldorf and Berlin
In this last option we suggest you visit two cities in Germany. The first would be Düsseldorf with a trip of three days for 209.08 euros: the outbound flight departs from Alicante on July 26 at 18:20 and returns on the 28th at 15:10.

The second city is Berlin, the German capital: you can travel to this city for 160.12 euros. The selected flights are operated by Ryanair and have the following schedule: the departure is on Wednesday July 24 at 07:30 and the return on Saturday July 27 at 15:05.
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Although July is summer and we are in high season, you can get flights (including the round trip) for affordable prices. We hope that our selection has helped you decide where to start enjoying the summer. If you have not been convinced by any of these options, surely if you are flexible with the destination or the dates, you will find cheap flights to any other European city.

Whatever your choice for your getaway during this month, at WE PARK we will always be happy to welcome you and take care of your car 24 hours a day.

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