We are sure about at any moment you have to drop off or pick up somebody at the airport, or make any management with a trip , and you thought that the better option to do that is using the express parking for a couple of minutes. But althought you believe in , it couldn´t be the better option for you .

Usually , Most of the Spanish Airports have an express parking área for a limited free parking time. At the first moment could be the better option but it may have many problems too.
Because of that ,We would recommend you the private parking option and choose what´s the better option for you . So many times , free services aren´t the better option.
In today´s post ,we are going to talk about the differences of the two options, and help you when you have to choose for any .

Express Parking

1. There are very little areas with no many places
2. You only have a little period time to park, usually 10-15 minutes .
3. In so many cases their location is close to loading or unloading área
4. When the free time period expires , you have to pay after the next minute and so many times is more expensive than a normal parking.
5. There are open zones without covered places.
6. Free parking places are close of airport´s exit and if you go on rush hour , you can have a traffic jam
7. There are limited places , it could be at the moment that you can´t find any place so you have to wait a couple of minutes to find one
8. Many times free parking zones are shared with taxis

Normal Parking

1. Normal Parking have a good parking zone and a lot of places
2. Normal parking have covered zone so you car will not be at the open zone
3. You can drive in without problems because there are good indications
4. You can do your airport management without hurry or pick up your family without the problem of time period
5. You can go at any time , because always have free places for you
6. The confortness and security that you have your car in a secure place

As you see , in so many cases is better your peacefulness than the Price.You will have to study the advantages and the disadvantages of the two options and make the better choice for you.
At the end if you decide to use the services of a normal parking you can contact with us and ask for our prices. At Wepark we will be happy to help you.

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