We are in holiday season and therefore the ideal time, to take a trip. If you are thinking how to plan and do not know where to start, you should read this post where we will tell you some tips to make the perfect trip.
At the beginning, we usually ask ourselves many questions such as where to go, take a long or short trip, use an agency or plan it on our own and we start to organize, search for information, read forums / websites, etc. But in the end, a good trip is the mix of what we want, the budget we have, the tastes we have and the availability of time to use.
As you can see, there are many factors that you must take into account … That is why our post for today is dedicated to them:

1.- Choose the place of destination
This is the first and most important step, we must know where we want to go. Inside or outside the country, in Europe or America and now with the amount of information available, bloggers, websites or guides that we have at hand, makes this moment something difficult.

The best thing is to have several options at the beginning. Then when we take into account, interests, tastes, offers and budgets we can reduce the list. So, in the end, we will stay with the destination that we like and that is perfect for that moment.

2.- Establish the budget for the trip
This is a very personal point, since it basically depends on the money that we want to use or that we have for this type of expenses. Then, if we are people to travel a lot during the year or if we save to make a single trip in summer.

It should also be taken into account, if we travel alone, as a couple or as a group; as well as the number of days. Since in each case, the necessary money will be different for the trip, the housing, the transport and the meals.

3.- Determine how much time we have

At this point, it will be decided if we are going to a destination near or far, if we arrive by plane, boat, train or car. When we can choose the time of the trip, it is good to take into account the season (high-low), the temperatures in the place where we want to go and then if there is any event, concert, festival, etc. that we can take advantage of during the visit.

If we have more than 15 days, we can choose a long trip outside the country or continent. If we have only a week, we must find an easy destination to arrive by plane and with short distance (3-5 flight hours) and if we only have a couple of days, the best thing is a place near which we can get to fast, by train or car and thus have the most time to enjoy the destination.

4.- Know if you travel alone or accompanied
When planning a trip, you have to take into account if you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a group. Since according to each case, we will have to know the tastes, budget and opinions of other people.

This will help us close the list of things to do / visit the place where we go and avoid leaving out something essential for us or any of the companions.

5.- Type of trip or experiences that we want to live
This point will determine many factors within the trip, since it will not be the same to go by car than by plane or stay in a hotel or a campsite. Here will influence the tastes of people who travel or what you want for that moment.
These factors are:
Type of trip: adventure, relax, cultural, leisure or family.
Season: summer, winter, spring or autumn.
Destination: city, beach or mountain
Transportation: car, train, plane or boat
Budget: medium, adjusted or luxury.

6.- Book tickets for the trip

Once you have the destination, the people and the type of trip; the next thing is to buy the ticket either for the plane or the train. The ideal is to look for them days in advance and thus be able to get offers or the best possible price.
In the case of the airplane it is good that you use comparators like Skyscanner or Google Flights, before searching the airline directly and you will have an idea of the prices and times that suit you.

7.- Find the place to stay
After having controlled the previous points, we will have to decide where you will stay. Currently the market offers many options and for all budgets; You can go from campsites, rooms in hotels, hostels, couch surfing, Airbnb, apartments or even guest to guest.

It is only a matter of deciding which one best suits our tastes and budgets.

8.- Have the documents up to date

To make any type of trip, it is necessary to have a series of documents up to date and controlled. As well as knowing information about the destination as a need for visas, permits, vaccines or special insurance. The ideal is to have an original and a copy of each one, to avoid that one may be lost during the trip.

Among the documents we have:
Air tickets, train, etc.
Hotel reservations, car, activity or purchased tours.
Driving license
Credit cards
Medical or travel insurance

9.- Investigate about the destination
When planning a trip, it is best to know as much information as possible about the destination. This will allow you to take better advantage of the time and get the most out of the trip.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get information either in guides, blogs or on the Internet. Before leaving, the ideal thing is to know about the most important points to visit (museums, excursions, monuments, attractions, etc.), the free activities you can do, the currency or language of the country, how you can move on the site and a little of their customs.

As you can see there are many steps, but we guarantee that if you follow these tips when planning you will get the dream trip …

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