Waterless car wash

We all know the importance of a resource such as water and the cost of washing a car. That is why in our post today, we talk about how to wash the car without water or using with very little.

It has been calculated that every time a car is washed by hand or using the hose, an average between 250 and 500 liters of water is consumed and that without counting, the amount of polluting waste that we reach the environment and that currently the plants They are not able to recycle. What has caused a regulation to be put in place, which requires all establishments to carry out car washes using independent gutters, to handle all derived waste.

Therefore, it is increasingly important to raise awareness and implement the responsible use of water in all types of activities, including car washing.

It has been calculated that if in the latter, we made adequate use of water per year and per car, an average of more than 6000 liters of water could be saved.

So taking this into account, we tell you about other more ecological and environmentally responsible methods. And so you can keep them in mind when washing the car. Because although it sounds difficult, if possible do it with very little water or without it.

1.- Dry cleaners
In the market today, you can get many of these products and with quite good finishes. The trick is to first clean the whole car of the dust with a mop or duster and then spread the cleaner with a microfiber mop over the car.

2.- Sprayers
Of the most sought after and ecological, they are products that remove dirt, since they have the ability to divide the dust particles and separate it from the car’s plate. That is what in the long term produces the damages, such as stains or scratches Once applied, helps to protect the car and renew the paint.

3.- Options with little water
Here we could choose between three systems, which despite using water do it in a controlled and responsible way. First they are, the washing tunnels where the water is recycled. Then the pressure guns, where the average use is 50 liters of water per car and finally the pressure washer that consumes 70 liters per car.

If you already used any of them or know others and want to share it with us, just leave us the information in comments and so we can talk about them in an upcoming post.

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