Learn more about a long stay parking

Many times, you may have wondered what is the difference between a normal parking and a long stay parking. Therefore, in today’s post we talk about all the services, which you can get in this type of parking.

Today, this is a very common doubt when we are going to take a trip or some sort of task at the airport or nearby. And for not knowing, most times, all that it offers, we do not take advantage of what this parkings have to offer. So take note of them and next time, it will be easier to choose what type of parking you need.
Advantages of a long stay parking
* Security: it guarantees you to have the car guarded 24 hours a day. This way, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be taken care of and guarded at all times.

* Availability: you can use it at any time, since this type of parking is open all day and 365 days a year. In addition to always having the support of qualified personnel.

* Closeness: its unbeatable location near airports and easy access, make them perfect when you need to leave the car quickly and easily.

* Competitive price: this type of parking, usually have profitable rates, offers and bonuses Being many times cheaper and more comfortable, than the taxi or bus service.

* Stays: they offer the advantage of having services for long and short stays. Thus adapting to the customer’s needs at all times and having the car at their disposal, when returning from a trip or after handling a matter.

* Facilities: these are spaces created specifically for parking use, so they have a clean, adequate, covered and modern infrastructure.

* Online reservations: nothing more practical than accessing the service from home or mobile at any time. Through the website, you can make the reservation or ask any questions you have about parking.

* Transfer: you will have the option, to park the car in the parking lot and to be transferred to the airport for your trip and to be picked up and taken back to your car. All this, for free, on time and in a short period of time.

* ITV: while you are traveling, you can request that you pass the ITV. So when you return, you will be given the car with the review done.

* Cleaning: most have normal car wash service and in some cases, even full wash. Where you will be cleaning your exterior, tires, dashboards and upholstery vacuum.

* Optional services: under contract, you can access special services such as mechanics, repairs, wheels, punctures, fuel, odor elimination and even canine hotel service, where they will transport your pet.

So you know, when you go on vacation, a business trip or a visit to the airport; The best will be to opt for a long stay parking and thus have all these advantages.

In WEPARK we will be happy to attend and help you with any questions you may have about our services. You just have to contact us or leave a comment in this post and our team will contact you.

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