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Eliminate the fear of flying by plane

The first few times are always difficult to overcome and for some people every time they step on the terminal they panic to get on the plane. But losing the fear of flying is something that can be achieved with a few guidelines.

Also, eliminating the fear of flying is important as many people for their work require flights every week or month, and obviously, they can`t feel panic every time the arrival of the date of the flight approaches to begin to lose sleep and the nerves, because in the end it will negatively affect health and work.

Likewise, losing the fear of flying is a great step to expand horizons, since it will allow you to travel to different parts of the world and discover new cultures and societies. Now there are low cost flights every weekend from El Altet Airport, it is a shame to stay without knowing Paris, London or Amsterdam simply because you are afraid to take a plane.

Tips to lose the fear of flying

We’re going to give you some tips so that getting on a plane is a pleasant ride through the clouds.

Information is power

By this we mean, that the more information you have about the flight, the more relaxed you will be, even about the possible risks. The movies and series have shown us over the year’s air catastrophes, a clear example is the famous series “Lost” that starts with a plane crash. But this is what they are, science fiction movies that do not have to happen to you or your flight, so we better not exaggerate situations.

Analyze the statistics of air accidents a year worldwide and, if you feel calmer, compare them with car accidents. You will see that they are much smaller and that the plane is one of the safest means to travel quickly from one point to another in the world.

At the time of sitting in your seat, remember: “The plane is a safe transport” and reduce anxiety and insecurity, away from your mind images of catastrophes that the only thing they will do is make you panic.
Prepare for the date of the flight

Beyond having your suitcase and documentation ready to embark, imagine calmly getting on the plane, watching the clouds, taking off and landing. And of course enjoying your stay in the country you visit. This will help you to face the most relaxed situation, without the fear of uncertainty. Vision yourself on the plane.

Do not get caught in time

The key to being relaxed is not to go in a hurry and keep our tension at bay. So prepare the suitcase and everything you need the day before the flight, arrive in time to the terminal, have a coffee quietly and check your bags, get on the plane and enjoy the flight. Rush is not good companions and more when you go to perform an activity that causes stress, fear and anxiety.
Ally with pleasant distraction activities

Once you’re sitting on the plane, if the fears begin to surface, it’s time to
Take out your most precious weapons like your favorite book, listen to music that you like or if yours is drawing a notebook and start illustrating. The important thing is to perform an activity that distracts you and focuses your mind on other matters that are pleasing to you, so you will be more relaxed and the hours you spend on the plane will be much shorter.

Relaxation and control

If the book does not manage to absorb or the music does not isolate you from the images of disaster, repeat for yourself some relaxing and security phrases. In addition, it drives away negative thoughts, nothing to think about accidents, deaths, etc. Focus your attention on the positive of the trip, the comfort of the seat, the areas that you will know as soon as you land, the food you are going to taste or the photos you will take. Value the experience from a positive point.
Do not choose the window

You’ve heard it a thousand times, if you feel afraid of flying you do not sit by the window. The reason is obvious. Next to the window you will not be able to avoid watching how the plane takes off and the plane rises, a fear of altitude will take over and alert thoughts will appear. In addition, you will pass the flight checking if the engines work, if they throw smoke, if the wings are still in perfect condition … Relax in a center seat and avoid the temptation to become a terrified aircraft mechanic, if any of these situations occurred No matter how much you look at it, you could not do anything.

Fear of turbulence

It is possible that during your flight there is turbulence, much more if you travel to rainy areas or in seasons of the year where there are more storms and anticyclones. But do not worry, the turbulence is normal, just listen to the recommendations of the hostesses and wear the seat belt to avoid hitting the seat. We recommend that you sit between the wings of the plane, it is the most stable place and where you will perceive the turbulence to a lesser degree.
Do not eat too much

As for all trips, travel light. Do not eat too much before taking a plane, because nerves can remove the stomach and spoil the experience. Nothing worse than having to make several trips to the bathroom of an airplane because you feel bad. So if you fly early, light and healthy breakfasts.

Travel comfortably

Of course, choose comfortable clothes to spend a few hours on the plane, especially on long trips. But this is advice we give you for any means of transportation you use. In addition, to feel more comfortable and safe plan the trip well, leave everything well tied before boarding the plane, from the closed house, the watered plants and the car in We Park under surveillance, so that when you return everything remains in perfect condition .

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