How to obtain the international driving license

If you are a daring driver, surely you have ever considered driving a car or motorcycle on one of your trips. Rent a car to go from town to town through the country or rent a motorbike to travel around the city. Who says no to enjoy the freedom to move abroad as if you were in your country? Then surely you have asked yourself what you must do to be able to drive abroad.

First of all you must know that to drive through the member countries of the European Union you can continue using your Spanish driver’s license, as long as it is in force.
But if you decide to drive a vehicle outside the European Union, you must obtain the international driving license.

What is the international driving license?
The international driving license is a necessary document to be able to temporarily drive through the territory of countries that are not members of the European Union
and that have not adopted the model of permission provided for in the Geneva or Vienna Conventions. This document recalls in a certain way the old Spanish driver’s license, since it composes the personal data of the owner
and of the permits he has in different languages (Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian)

How to apply for an international driver’s license?
To apply for a driving license it is necessary, first of all, to be of legal age and have your driving license and documentation in force. The next step is to prepare the necessary documentation:

  • Normal National Identity Document (DNI) or passport in force. We recommend carrying both.
  • Picture of original and updated card in color of 32 x 26mm.

  • Fotocopy of driving license in force.
  • Office official of several issues: you can find it online by clicking here or request it at any traffic headquarters.

    In addition, you will also have to consider some issues, to which we add our recommendations:

  • It is necessary to request the previous appointment to carry out the procedure. You can do it through the DGT website
  • In the headquarters, the payment of the corresponding fee (IV.5 with a cost of 10.30 €) is only possible with a bank card, so if you want to pay in cash you will have to do it through bank deposit.

  • You can also make the payment of the fee through the internet.
  • It is advisable to also bring your own driver’s license in case there is a problem.

    First of all you should always bear in mind that the international driver’s license is a temporary document that is only valid for one year from the time it is issued. That is why it is best that you plan to see when you can get the maximum performance. Another issue that is important to keep in mind is that the international driving license is not valid for all countries. Very few countries are excluded, but it is important to consider it. In addition, neither is valid for driving in the country that issues it (in our case, Spain).

    For this we should use the driver’s license. Get informed before traveling. Each country has its own laws and regulations, such as the minimum and maximum driving age and the age of the required license. That is why it is best to be well informed about our destination before traveling. It is important to consult the website of the Spanish consulate or embassy of your destination country. Remember that having an international driving license does not guarantee that we can drive in all the countries we visit.

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