Curiosities about traveling by plane

If you’re curious, I’m sure that when you travel by plane thousands of questions go through your head. Is it true that if I do not have my mobile in airplane mode, I will alter the communications of the pilot with the control tower? How high does an airplane fly? What is the longest flight? How old will the plane I travel be on? Continue reading and discover the answers to these and other curiosities about traveling by plane.

The black box of the aircraft is not black
It is already well known that the black box of aircraft is not black, but usually have bright colors, which makes it easier to find in case of an accident. For example, they are orange, yellow or red, and are usually phosphorescent. So, why is his name? They are only used in case of disaster and the black color represents mourning.

Why do lights dim when taking off and landing?
If you are an observer, you have probably noticed that every time a plane takes off and lands, the lights decrease in intensity. The purpose of this measure is to gain time so that the pupils of the passengers get used to the darkness more quickly in case of having to perform an emergency evacuation.

How old will the plane I travel be on?
We can not give you this answer, but we can explain how to measure the age of an airplane. This is calculated not in kilometers made by the plane, but in cycles (which include from leaving until it reaches its destination) and in hours.

How high does an airplane fly?
Commercial airplanes fly at an approximate height of between 10,000 and 12,000 meters at a speed that generally remains constant: between 800 and 900 kilometers per hour. The height at which you fly is determined mainly by two reasons: because the density of the air is lower, so that less fuel is spent and because flying at this height you avoid meteorological effects that occur at a lower altitude.

The longest flight without stops
If you have ever asked yourself which is the longest flight without stops we bring you the answer. The flight covering the route between Singapore and New York is currently the longest non-stop with a duration of 19 hours covering 8,900 nautical miles. The flight is operated by the airline Singapore Airlines.
Until October, the longest then nonstop flight was from Auckland (New Zealand) to Doha (Qatar), which took 17 hours and 30 minutes.

The shortest commercial flight in the world lasts 75 seconds
It may sound like a joke, but 75 seconds is the time it takes the Scottish regional airline Loganair to move its passengers between the islands of Westray and Papa Westray, separated by a distance of only 1.7 kilometers. As expected, this is the shortest commercial flight in the world

How many passengers fly a year worldwide?
Worldwide passenger traffic increases year after year. In fact, in 2017 a total of 8,300 million passengers traveled by plane, 7.5% more than in 2016 (one of the highest recorded growth rates).

Most Bused Airports
Although sometimes we have the feeling that airports are full of people, not all have the same influx of passengers. In 2017, the busiest airport in the world was the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, USA. with 103,902,992 passengers from all over the world.

Airplanes powered by ion engines?
Currently research is being carried out on ion engines. In fact, the researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reported the successful flight, for nine seconds, of a small airplane powered by an ion engine. Nowadays airplanes are propelled by motors with mobile components (like propellers or turbines) driven by fossil fuels. At the moment this device is only capable of flying at 47 centimeters from the ground, but researchers already predict a future with cleaner and quieter aircraft that work thanks to ion currents.

The wings of the planes are hollow
The wings of the airplanes are hollow, but they are full of fuel, since inside they are divided in tanks, with several pumps each one that they transfer from a deposit to another the fuel. In this way, space is used in the cabin for people or goods.

Why do the windows have to be up during takeoff and landing?
Basically for security reasons during the two most critical moments of each flight: takeoff and landing. In case of emergency, having the windows up facilitates the work of the rescue teams so they can see the inside of the plane.

Is it true that if I do not have my mobile in airplane mode, I will alter the communications of the pilot with the control tower?
This is the star question: can my mobile phone interfere with the operating system of the flight? The answer is no. If you do not turn off the device or do not put it in airplane mode, pilots and air traffic controllers will perceive an annoying buzz, but will not alter their communications.

Now that you have discovered some curiosities that surround the world of airplanes, you can travel more calmly. So choose your destination and do not worry more than enjoy, because in WePark we take care of your car 24 hours a day.

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