More than destination, the plan: where to travel in May

Surely we have in mind a lot of destinations that we would like to visit. A Throughout our lives we have read guides where they indicated those places that we could lose, we have seen beautiful photographs, the recommendations best of our friends, the most emblematic routes, that typical food that does not we can overlook … But what about the events? This plan can be the point of departure to organize a getaway. May is the perfect month to make a list with all the activities that you most want to do and, from that, look for what Place of the world can fit with you! In addition, inform you of the most popular in the city or country that you would like to visit, is perfect for determining dates and focus on them to organize everything.
If you are looking at your calendar, you have a few days where you can dedicate them to your
passion is traveling, and you do not know what destination to visit, here we leave you those
Activities that you can not miss in the month of May:

The festivities of San Isidro, Madrid
Since May 15 is celebrated in the Spanish capital one of its festivals emblematic: the San Isidro festivities. Just that day is tradition that every person that is there, meet in the meadow to drink the water that comes from the spout of the hermitage. A perfect excuse to meet people. Throughout the month and Throughout the city.

Cannes, France
If you are a movie lover, you can not miss the opportunity to enjoy the French city of Cannes with its Film Festival. The environment that collects its streets will remind you of any movie and you can enjoy endless activities that are made around the seventh art. The dates and temperatures also accompany so you can walk along its beaches. This year it is celebrated from 18 to May 28, write it down.

International Music Festival, Prague Spring
Known all over the world and celebrated for more than 70 years, this Festival is one of the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic where welcomes the best artists in the world, symphony orchestras and concerts camera. From May 12 to June 3, this event takes place, which, if you have opportunity, you should not miss it.

Venice Architecture Biennale
In order to expose architectural proposals, from May 25 in Venice is made this exhibition. It aims that people can discover the world of architecture and find an exciting world in it
that I did not know before.

The Jerez Fair
Andalusia is the birthplace of celebrations in the spring months, practically all the cities of this community we found some dates in which to be able. Enjoy the traditions and cultures of the area. From the 5th to the 12th of May you can attend to the Feria de Jerez, where music, the sun, its famous wine, music, lighting and the booths will be very present.

The floral exhibition of Chelsea
There is no more prominent element in spring than flowers, so in Chelsea
a fair is held for flowers and gardens. The Chelsea Flower Show
collects all the tools and techniques of this sector, with multiple novelties and
exhibitors Do not miss it from May 22nd to 26th.

Anastenaria, the Festival of fire
More than a celebration, it is a ritual where the participants dedicate themselves to walking above the fire. The ceremony takes place on May 21 in Northern Greece and Macedonia.

Glyndebourne Opera Festival
One of the spaces where the highest quality opera works are presented world and highlighted by his productions of Mozart, the Opera Festival of Glyndebourne is celebrated in the environs of Lewes, in East Sussex, England from May 19.

Take advantage of those days that you can escape in May and, in addition to visiting a place that you want to discover, choose the event that most resembles you and can make you enjoy Meanwhile, at We Park we take care that before you take your flight, your car is guarded 24 hours a day, with the greatest assurances and services, so that when you land, you just have to worry about counting the Experience of your trip.

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