Do high temperatures affect flights?

In the same way that climatic factors can vary our plans or affect in activities that we are going to carry out in our daily life, the temporary It affects the flights. As we already mentioned in this blog in reference to flying. When there are frosts, today we will explain what happens when we are going to travel airplane with high temperatures. Do not panic, always remember that you are in one of the safest means of transport that exist.

Can airplanes fly with extreme heat?
To answer this question, we first have to understand how it works in normal situation the space through which the airplane is moved. On a daily basis, the air is dense and during takeoff, the plane with its speed it pushes the air and produces a force that makes it progress. When is hot extreme, the molecules of that same air are separated, so the friction is Minor and lift force, too.
This is a disadvantage because, when you have less force to take off, you
you need more track length to take strength.

And if it happens in mid-flight?
It is possible that in mid-flight, areas of extreme heat are crossed. For this, will lower the altitude of the plane to look for an area with more density and that the stabilize your lift in the air normally.

Would we notice it?
We must trust that we are in a safe transport and flying with professionals. They control their work perfectly. So, probably, we we would notice the minimum repercussions. If this is the case, we should only maintain the calm, since they will always watch over our safety.

Can a flight be canceled due to high temperatures?
Yes, and it already happened in the last summer season that, in an interval of two days, they had to suspend 50 flights in Phoenix (Arizona) when registering the fourth highest temperature since those of the area are registered. The reason for the suspension of flights is for own security. In the case that
We commented, it was considered that they could reach up to 49 degrees. It is not a danger of damage to the aircraft itself, but physically, which has more difficulties to take off and make the journey. There are times that could result impossible for it to take off.
Generally, it is difficult to happen, because the machines are prepared for be able to move.

Does it affect all planes equally?
No, there are certain models that are prepared for higher temperature, it depends on which is. For this reason, it is responsibility to follow the safety instructions given the manufacturers.

What is the maximum temperature with which aircraft can take off?
Depending on the airplane model, they have some temperatures or others. By
example, if reference is made to models such as those that have already suspended flights in Arizona, the maximum is 50 degrees at sea level. But if we talk about Spain, There is no airport that is completely at sea level, so the temperature will always be a little lower.

Can it happen in Spain?
It is not impossible, but it is very complicated to happen, since temperatures They should be very high and this is not an area that has them.

Flying is still one of the simplest methods to move around all the globe. But also, more secure. Therefore, always bet on that Give you peace of mind Even if unforeseen events arise, the best professionals know how to work in your favor. As in We Park, we only think of you and watch over you car like you would do it, with the best care and involvement. When you go back to
Earth, you will have everything under control.

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