These are the most visited countries of the world

One of the most notable sources of income in a country can be tourism. Surely we have been aware of how our city was visited by numerous people to see the most iconic spots and, also,
aware of how activities were generated thanks and for them. But in some at the moment, we have been visitors to other points. The love to travel and discovering cultures and spaces makes us do that: move around all the countries that we can and, learn every day, of what we consider our hobbie.
Next, we will introduce you to the countries that receive each year
more tourists.

The most visited country in the world is France with a figure that increases to 86.1
millions of visitors The well-known “City of love” is a good point of attraction
tourism since it accompanies practically everything: beach, mountain, field and large
points of historical interest. In addition, its theme parks such as Disneyland
Resort Paris, Parc Astérix, Futuroscope and Puy du Fou welcome every day both
older as children who enjoy the country doing what they like best.

In second place we find the United States, which with approximately 80
million each year, cities like New York and Los Angeles take control of the
most visited.

Spain is the second most visited country on its continent, Europe, and the third one
world level. With more than 75.3 million tourists every year, it is the second position
in which tourists who visit it more money are spent. Diversity in Spain
It is remarkable, and one of its attractions is the climate, its beaches and gastronomy.

China is the most populous country in the world and occupies the fourth position in the visited by tourists. With approximately 57 million of them, China is the second country behind Italy with more places declared World Heritage.

It is one of the destinations with more historical interest for your visits, and is divided into Five geographical regions: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Naples and
Pisa, in addition to its islands Sicily and Sardinia. Approximately receives 53 million
of tourists.

With a figure of around 37 million tourists, it is the second country in Asia
most visited.

7. Germany
This country is the fifth most visited in Europe with around 36.5 million
tourists. Its cultural and gastronomic offer is very outstanding, that’s why they make it a
very attractive country to be discovered by those curious who want to travel. From
their cities, the most chosen are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and

8. Mexico
With more than 35 million visitors, it is the second country in Latin America more
visited. In 2017 it recorded its record of visitors and each year it increases. Since
where they arrive most is, first of all, the United States, followed by Canada,
later Latin America, Europe and finally, the rest of the countries.

9. United Kingdom
It is one of the main countries for business, but not the main one for tourism,
although some of its cities are very thoughtful to visit, especially for
young public.

10. Russia
It is the third most visited country in Asia, with around 34 million. Both Most viewed cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg.

11. Thailand
Probably, at some point in your life you have considered visiting Thailand. Is
The fourth most chosen country in Asia, with approximately 30 million tourists.

12. Austria
With around 27 million tourists, Vienna is the busiest city in the country.
Some like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Greece follow closely in tourism to Austria.

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