What data do we find on a plane ticket?

We are all used to buying any product or service. Sincesmall, we find the ease in acquiring products, we know that it is a transaction where someone offers me what I’m looking for and I pay a price. Until then everything is correct. But sometimes, we forget that behind this movement there is a lot of data that we overlook and that we can use to justifications in case we have a problem at some point -or not, and simply to register ourselves what we do.
When we are going to buy a plane ticket, we find many pages that offer us facilities for this. Increasingly, the operation for It is simpler and more intuitive to carry out, but we must not forget that we are our personal data and we must know well what we are offering in exchange
of what they also give us.
Therefore, today we are going to talk about all the information that is needed, both personal as a professional, to acquire a plane ticket and which figure in it so that, the moment we have it in our hands, we know well what we use.

Name and surname
It’s something very common and it’s probably not surprising that we tell you this, but yes It is essential that you do not make any mistakes when you go to register it. Watch carefully before confirming. It is imperative that you know this because, there are airlines They charge for the modification of the name up to an amount of 160 euros. If you hesitate to enter your name with one or two surnames or any other information that is not in your identity document, think about it. You can not have problems, but it is always better to adjust to the exact one that appears in any of your official documents.
The name and surname on a plane ticket is for the identification of the passenger,
that’s why I know how accurate you can be.

Reference of the reservation
You will recognize this code because it is usually alphanumeric and of 5 or 6 digits.
Technically it’s called PNR -Passenger Name Record- and it stores all the data
of the flight and the reservation you have made. It is important that this is not shared
code or think about security, because through it we can detect data
like our name, last name, address, telephone and even credit card.
The PNR is printed on the boarding pass and on the luggage tag.

Origin and destination of flight
On your ticket you will find the origin and destination of the flight. They are the airports where
You will take the plane and it will also land. It is named by a name and, between
parentheses, three letters.

It also indicates the date you will make the trip. Depending on the
company and the option of your ticket, you will adjust to some rules to be able to change or
not the date In some of them you will not have penalties, and you can modify it
until the same day without paying the change fee. Generally, these forms are
fees that allow you to do it that way, if not, it has a cost that you should value.
That is why it is recommended that you be sure on the date you want to travel,
so that you do not come unforeseen.

It is the time at which the flight will depart. Keep in mind that there are the limit hours of
Boarding and you must be at the airport in advance. Each company
It also presents some times, but approximately, billing is with 45 minutes
in advance and embark about 20 minutes. Find out with your company.

Seat and row
With these data you will know what place you occupy on your flight. Sometimes you can have the
option to change it, but it depends on the rate you have chosen. Your company will
will inform about it. Generally, the change must be made with a few hours of
advance. The election of seat in the purchase of the ticket, usually has a cost that varies
depending on the company, the type of seat, the row you are in and the class in
the one that travels.

Name of the airline
The name of the airline will serve to identify your flight and also go to if you need a problem.

Sequence number with which the flight has been booked
This number is intended to establish an order at the time of check-in.
It serves to control the passengers who take the plane and have a count of the
same people.

When you have made the trip, maybe you want to get rid of the ticket and,
automatically, you throw it in the nearest bin. But we recommend you
to vigilate this method, since someone who can have it, with the data you will get
information from you that can play a trick on you both on the trip and
later moments.

Now that you have all the information you need, we just need to remind you of the
last: at We Park we take care of your car with 24 hour surveillance while you
you make your trip With us you should not worry about anything other than enjoying.

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