More than fate, plan (II): Where to travel in June

As we discussed a few weeks ago, sometimes it is more important what you are going to do in a destination, than the very destination itself. When we dedicate ourselves a holiday, it is also time for personal enjoyment and to live new experiences, so the places we visit can provide an extra to that which teaches us to celebrate different events that, at other times, are not being celebrated. If it is already satisfying to know a new culture, its people and traditions, adding a prominent event is much better.

In May we were able to take a stroll through the Fiestas de San Isidro in Madrid, the Festival de Cannes in France, the International Spring Music Festival in Prague, the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Jerez Fair, the Chelsea Floral exhibition, the Anastenaria festival Of the fire or the Glyndebourne opera Festival to enjoy, in addition to their cities, their events.

June is a month where, in many areas, you enjoy the summer and the events are very numerous, so then we talk about the most prominent in case you decide to disconnect a few days this month, you know which are ideal depending on the plan that you want:

Bonfires of San Juan, Alicante, Spain
Alicante lives one of its highest parties in the middle of June. Declared of tourist interest, practically the whole month is special for Alicante, but they reach its important days from the 20th to the 24th of June with the bonfires of San Juan, where the whole city is filled with colorful monuments of cardboard-stone, music, parades or the Famous Mascletàs.These are held at 2pm in the Plaza de los Luceros, and as if they were explosions of sound, colors and smell of gunpowder, fill the center of the city of people willing to live in front row. On June 24th, all its monuments are burnt starting from 00h, both adults and children, to start a cycle again and think of the bonfires of the following year.

Inti Raymi, Cuzco, Peru
also known as the Feast of the Sun, every June 24 the Incas celebrate a feast to worship the sun god, with a multitude of colorful costumes, banquets, musics, rituals and recreation. Each year is carried out in the fortress of Sacsayhuamán in three natural scenarios: Coricancha, Plaza de Armas and Saqsaywaman.

Football, Russia
for football lovers, the Russian World Cup in 2018 will be held from June 14 and until July 15th you will be able to live in its streets the atmosphere of a practice that unites, in an international way, all countries.

Music Festivals
It is probably the plan par excellence and the one that makes many people move from their place of origin to another to see their favorite group or live the experience. In May the most important ones begin to resonate, but it is from June when they are actually consolidated.

1. Distortion, Copenhagen, Denmark
in 1998 was born an experiment of hand of Thomas Fleurquin, a lover of the city who wanted to make several events by its streets in a short period of time and that, where in its beginnings picked up only 600 people, to this day is a FES Tival of almost a week of duration in which each year come more than 100000. From June 30th to the 3rd, you can visit over 40 scenarios through the streets of Copenhagen to enjoy music, usually electronic.

2. We Primavera Sound, Oporto, Portugal
from 7 to 9 June, one of the main festivals of alternative music shows its novelties through a poster that leaves no one indifferent. Bands like Nick Cave and the Bad Sees, Lorde, Father John Misty or Jamie XX make an appointment to start the summer with one of the most anticipated events by lovers of indie music.

3. Sonar, Barcelona, Spain
for three days, the Spanish city celebrates the festival of creativity, music and technology. From June 14th, different groups and DJs will make you live a unique experience. This year celebrates its 25th anniversary with a pretense of outnumbering the assistants of last year, 1155000.

Surely you also have plans planned in addition to these that we propose. They are ideal dates to enjoy beaches and coves, good temperatures and landscapes. To the place where you go, you can find an event unforeseen that you did not expect and you can enjoy the month of June as much as you would like. But, there are things you can not leave to improvisation, so, think of We Park to leave your car while you enjoy your vacation, we will take care of your vehicle with 24 hour surveillance so your plan will be only to disconnect.

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