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Traveling to Alicante in June: Hogueras de San Juan

If we think of all the cities that we would like to visit or that we have already fact, surely some specific trait comes to mind to relate it. You can go from emblematic monuments to gastronomy or events special Alicante is distinguished, among other factors, by its climate and good temperatures. But also, for opening the summer with one of its most notable and well-known events. Nationally: the Bonfires of San Juan. This festival declared of Tourist Interest International, it takes place from June 20 to 24 officially, but it is during all the month when there are numerous events to star in which, It is commonly called “the feast of fire.

What is the origin of the Bonfires of San Juan de Alicante?
Formerly on the Night of San Juan de Alicante, a ritual was held where they burned all those objects that were no longer used to purify and begin a New cycle. It was a thought of renewal, with which in addition to celebrating Summer entry, it marked a personal starting point. It was believed that. Burning with the fire the past, you started again full of good luck. With the years, the night of San Juan has been taking strength also in different points from Spain. On the coast it is common to see how early in the morning the beach of bonfires where people must jump the fire and bathe with sea water for a good omen.

What does it consist on?
But nowadays the Bonfires of San Juan have changed, and although the essence of fire and purification remains the same, the tradition has become a party and tradition where all Alicante are involved in the month of June. Now no longer burn objects that do not work, but numerous monuments made in cardboard-stone forming figures and colors. They are authentic works of art made by builders and divided into “Adults” and “Children” by all streets and districts. They are classified by categories, with the “Special” being the most expensive and “Sixth” the minimum.
All tradition plays a fundamental role around themselves, but at activities and events take place over the four main days (from the 20th to the 24th) that gathers all the Alicante people 24 hours a day celebrating the holidays maximum of the city.

What activities and events are carried out?
One of the key elements of the San Juan Bonfires are the famous ones “Mascletàs”. A pyrotechnic set that, in the Plaza de los Luceros at 2:00 p.m., it explodes in a combination of sounds and colors that makes the floor echo. But, also, on June 20 live “the plantà”. It is the day where all the Monuments take to the streets and begin to be assembled by the builders. On June 21 a jury determines which winners are. Also like tradition, these days you eat “la coca amb tonyina” and “brevas”. The first of them It is a flour dough in two layers where in the middle there is a stuffing of tuna, onion and pine nuts. During these days street parades, like the Flower Offering to the Patron of the City, the International parade or the Entrance of Bands, in which the commissions – group of people belonging to each bonfire, considered similar to a club-, they parade with music bands finally rewarding the most original and with better results

Alicante lives in its days party and celebration for every corner. But also in each time, since in the morning and at night there are always events and movement. By At night, we find tents with music distributed throughout the areas.

June 24th
This day is the most special for Alicante, since it is from 00h when all the monuments start to burn. It gives way to the famous “Palmera”, a set of fireworks that visually form a palm tree in the sky and is shot from the top of Santa Bárbara Castle. As of that moment, all the monuments begin to become ashes to end one more year and start over again

The Bonfires of San Juan predominate by the bands of music, the pyrotechnics, the colors and people. The city becomes a common link of all the people who want to enjoy art, tradition and 4 of the biggest days of the Valencian Community.

If you are thinking about visiting Alicante, now are the dates indicated for it. Live the Bonfires of San Juan is a unique experience that you will always remember and, Sure, you’ll want to repeat again every year. And for your car, do not worry, we at We Park we take care of you since you land at the airport with our service of 24 hours surveillance so that you, only, discover “the feast of fire”.

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