Travel with children: recommendations

Taking a trip with the people you love is always a good experience since you are sharing what you like most with those who most they like But, when we do it with the youngest of the house, we must have in mind that there are some peculiarities. The same concerns, insecurities and even fears that adults have, may also appear in them, that’s why we have the responsibility to accompany them in any of their states and get to minimize them.

Now that summer holidays are here, probably at your next destination you arrive by plane. Before riding on it, you can read the following recommendations so that the journey on a plane with children is more simple for both sides:

Share the experience of flying with him or her
Depending on the age of the child you are going to travel with, surely You can talk in one way or another. It is advisable to talk about the experience to fly. Not only the journey itself on the plane, but to share with him the plans that are going to be made and make him participate in being able to include him new ones. Listening to them is the first step in knowing what they feel and being able to do more small any possible discomfort, both emotional and physical, that later, it may cause unforeseen events during the trip. Knowing what is going to do and in what way it will be done, will also give the child the possibility of Talk about your fear of flying if you had it. The tools will explain the benefits that can bring you travel and transform it in a playful way.

The game
The game is a technique that is used, above all, to learn and develop the imagination. During the journey, you can play with the child to be pilots or any profession that may be destined to cross the clouds. It is also positive do it before, since it will bring you closer to what is going to happen later and, to enhance the desire, will reduce the possible fear that may have to fly.
In order to make the journey more bearable, you can also use the game during the time of the trip to liven it.

Extra material
We may have to rely on extra materials to explain why what is going to be done, why is it good to do it and to understand how works, for example, the operation of flying. Tell him through videos how is the flight, the plane, what is to take off and land, what can be found inside the plane, etc…
But also, during the trip, you can make use of all that material so that the journey be light. Use materials that, in addition to entertaining, can enrich you: books, movies or coloring books, among others. Take advantage of also that time to share the experience with you and perform together the same activity. It will be an added opportunity to share time.

Your comfort
You have to consider that if you are going to be sitting or standing still for a long time same place, the child should be comfortable. Have your clothes for the trip planned, also help you choose it, but always considering that it should be the most comfortable to make you feel comfortable during the trip and that your clothes are not be no inconvenience to make it easy.
As with adults, prior to a plane trip there is no need to eat large amounts of food. Possible dizziness can cause discomfort that we can´t control at all and, mainly, that they do not feel well. On the way it happens the same way: do not bet on very copious meals that they can cause us to feel bad.

Talk about safety
For the child it is a new place, both inside the airplane and in their own airport facilities. Therefore, whenever you can, tell him in what way should be protected in areas where many people are and who should go if at any time he loses sight of the person who accompanies him. Talk about the security with naturalness and without fear, that never see it as an enemy, but as a possible ally in case it is not under your control.
Traveling is always a positive experience that brings us physical benefits and psychological, but if we also do it with children, we can learn much more: of what we see and of themselves. Discover through your eyes the new Places is an experience within the experience. Make them feel their best It is not complicated if we take into account certain recommendations.
Enjoy the trip with the little ones, while, us from We Park We monitor your car 24 hours a day and protect it in our facilities so that the return home is much simpler.

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