What information can we find a passport?

As in the ID, the passport is a very important identity document that proves our nationality when you are in a foreign country. It is very different from the national identity document, although both can be used for official paperwork. If you are thinking of taking a trip, you should never forget these two documents. Below we explain why these documents are the first thing you should put in your travel bag

The DNI/ID is a unique and non-transferable document. Its appearance and size is approximately that of a card. It is obligatory to take it always with you. The data that appears in it are similar to those in the passport, but with some differences. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, but in this document you have your fingerprint. And also, you can sign electronically with it.
The passport is a small book of 32 pages where your personal information appears. All countries use the same format, 88 x 125 mm, but each country uses a different color. For example, in Spain we use dark red.
After renewing the passport, it changes; therefore the old one is invalidated.

Cover page
As it happened with the color, the cover also changes depending on the country. In Spain there are data such as the mention of the union of europe, the country, and the emblem of Spain, and below this, the name of PASSPORT. You will also find a rectangle that indicates that it is a biometric passport and has an identification chip.
Plasticized page
It is one of the elements with more security, divided into:
Type of passport: with the letter P generally, being this of the ordinary type.
Code: it is a combination to denominate countries and each one has its own.
Passport Number: all the pages of this document are punched with this number, except the cover
Authority: it is an alphanumeric code that provides the issuing agency.
CAN: is the card access number. It is a security system that connects the DNI with the passport.
Date of issue: period of validity.
Membership data: name of the person, date of birth and digits that match the ID
OCR code: this code is read by the machines.
Page for the authorities
In this section, the authorities can add any type of information that may be useful about the owner.
Pages for visas
The following pages are reserved for the sealing of visas. These are from 7 to 31.

The design of the passport in other countries.

According to what country we are, we will have a passport or another. A very important thing is the design. Even being a legal document, there is a lot of creativity in the passports.
One of the most named is Norway, because it is full of images of landscapes and colors like the Northern Lights.
Also the Finland is very original, that if we pass page quickly, we will see a lynx move due to an optical effect.
In New Zealand, on their deck they use a fern with a silver effect, and in Canada, they use a multi-colored design with straight lines that meet in the center.
In Colombia’s passport they use natural symbols, related to plants and animals typical of the country.
One of the most original is Japan, which will be ready for 2019 and has drawings of the Olympics to be held in 2020.
Passports can also be a hallmark of each country, and far from being considered only as an identification tool, they are also an expression of art and creativity. It is always very important to take it when you go on a trip.
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