How can an air strike affect me?

Two of the airlines we know best, such as Iberia and Ryanair, have
announced by its 6000 cabin crew from Spain, Belgium, Portugal,
and Italy, which will strike on the 25th and 26th of July. On these critical dates
in which many have planned vacations, the alert is maximum
do not know if the requested flight will accept this right and, therefore, it will be
The companies have announced that travelers will be notified about the state of
your flight and if it will be canceled or not, but until it is known, there are many
In case this happens, first of all keep calm, and then,
read the following indications that can help you minimize the damage of your
displacement on those dates:

If your flight is canceled
In case your flight is one of those affected with its cancellation and strike,
you can claim In addition to the airline itself and with economic reports, the
European regulation EC 261/2004 marks offsets in the event that
happen Not only that, you can also request an alternative transport or your own
refund of the ticket. Highlight that the airline will also take care of the expenses
of assistance.
As an affected user, you can also claim compensation for damages and
damages -location and activities-, showing that they are not factors

Economic compensation
The money that can be claimed will also depend on the distance that would travel
your flight. Ryanair operates from short to medium distance, so its compensation
amounts to 250 euros if a distance of less than 1500 km and 400 is considered
euros if it exceeds this figure and with a maximum of 3000 km.
The company can offer an alternative flight, but you are in your full right to
accept it or not. If you decide not to do so, you can request a refund of your ticket and
the compensation. In case you accept it, you can also request the
compensation but not the refund of the ticket

Can I always claim?
Ryanair may benefit from three exceptions for which it will not compensate
affected by the strike:
1. The company can notify you with a minimum of 15 days that your flight will be
canceled, so this notification exempts you from compensation.
2. If the notice is between 7 and 15 days, alternative transportation can be offered
with which you can make your trip and respecting schedules similar to those
what you had with your flight: you could not leave more than two hours in advance
nor consider a delay of more than four hours.
3. If the notification arrives less than 7 days in advance, but the proposal
alternative transport leaves no more than an hour in advance and arrives at the
destination less than two hours late compared to the established time.

In what way can I claim?
Through the company’s website, you can find different ways to contact
with them. If you access your Customer Service section, you can make the
claim through an online questionnaire and postal mail. Also, so
physical, you can request the claim sheets that the company provides through
from airport information desks.

What should I consider?
● To obtain the full refund of the ticket, you can request it within a certain time
maximum of 7 days.
● Refunds will be made in 7 days, claims in 15 days and other
type of claims and compensation, within a period of 10 days.

Other similar strikes
Already last October there was an air strike that left 18 flights without
Make your departure to Alicante-Elche airport.
The figure added a total of 212 flights canceled throughout Spain, affecting
also to the rest of Europe. The reason for it is like that foreseen for the
next days of July: improve working conditions.

Alternative plans
If you are one of those affected by this air strike, do not worry. Keep the
calm because you will surely be able to continue enjoying your holidays with
alternative plans.
In July you can find different festivities, activities or events that you
will be interesting and you may be able to travel to them without needing
use air transport.
The sun and the good temperatures invite you to socialize with your friends or family
and betting for a few days of disconnection where the important thing, more than the destination, is the
plan itself.

Sometimes unforeseen events arise that did not fit into our forecasts,
but we at We Park can make sure your car is monitored 24 hours a day
while you make your trip. Although you could have experienced the air strike, I’m sure that
You have known how to enjoy the experience to the fullest and you have planning in mind
of the next. Whatever happens, we continue to count on you for your
next break.

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