More than destiny, the plan: where to travel in July

As every month and above all, in those that we are already in the summer, we bring a selection of the best plans to do in July depending on the place you visit Because, a city or a country can have its charm for all the streets you will walk or the monuments you will visit, but also the memory
that you take from living an experience that you never had before. What are the most anticipated events in the month of July?

Fiesta de San Fermín, Pamplona, Spain
Without leaving Spain, we traveled to Pamplona (Navarra) to live one of their most outstanding parties. It is complicated that someone, in the month of July, does not remember that the festival commonly known as “sanfermines” is celebrated. They start the July 6 with “el chupinazo” from the balcony of the City Hall at 12 o’clock tomorrow, to culminate on July 14. The activity par excellence of these parties is “The encierro”, that during 849 meters, thousands of people run in front of bulls between two and three minutes at 8 in the morning. That week, the city of Pamplona
enjoy evening events, religious events and a festive atmosphere every corner.

Rath Yatra, Puri, Orissa, India
On July 14, a float festival expands in this Indian city to fill everything with color. It is a Hindu celebration that serves as a celebration and commemoration of the path of Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra to his aunt’s temple. Music and devotion are present in these days that, not only correspond to religious people and who want to continue with tradition the fact, but the tourists
who are in the city these days, can enjoy an event full of details.

Wife-Carrying World Championships, Finland
Traditionally, it is in July that Wife-Carrying is celebrated in Finland World Chamionships, more specifically on the first Saturday of the month. This is one peculiar race where it is literally loaded with the wife in the back and runs during 253.5 meters surfaces in which obstacles must be overcome. Between them, a pool 1 meter deep. Throughout the tour, you can find yourself among gravel, grass and sand. The woman who loads on the back must weigh, at least, 49 kilos, be over 17 and wear a helmet. There are other particularities such as drinking the official drink or compete between 3 couples.

Marrakech Folklore Festival, Badi Palace
In the year 1959, King Mohammed V created a festival with the intention of raising awareness the culture and tradition of the United Alawites. Through different shows artistic, among which music stands out, this festival is divided between Badi Palace Gardens and Le Village. Also, if you visit Marrakech in the celebration of the festival, You can enjoy film, art or folklore workshops

Feast of the Redeemer, Venice, Italy
On the third Sunday of the month of July, the Festival of the Redeemer, known for commemorating the end of the plague and having built a church on the island of Giudecca. It’s a religious festival but it has gone a step further there where, anyone outside of it can enjoy the monumental fireworks show known all over the world and that is performed from the bay of San Marcos.

World Bodypainting festival, Austria
Worldwide, people from anywhere in Austria congregate to celebrate the art of painting bodies. Numerous artists teach their makeup work, to through colorful techniques. For a maximum of 6 hours, each artist can be creating and painting in a body and can be one or two make-up artists they do. In addition, all this will be accompanied by music and other activities.

The beer regatta, Australia
The name of this party is not a metaphor, since this celebration consists of in boats made with beer cans that go through the water. You can participate all those who have built one of them with empty beer cans, but also with other soft drinks or milk cartons. That is dismantled in the middle of water is not a reason for drama, since it is one of the main entertainments for all those who participate or people who want to enjoy this event.

July is a fantastic month to be able to enjoy the beaches or events that celebrate in the cities, but if we also find one that fits in the place that we want to visit, will make our experience unique and that we will always remember. Like us, we do not forget to tell you that While you enjoy the summer, your car in We Park will have 24 hour surveillance and services so that, when you land, everything is under control.

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