New regulations for ITV review in your car: what you need consider

One of the most important factors that exist when we are going to take a trip, is safety . No matter what means of transportation we choose, always we must bet on those who are subject to strict control that gives us the tranquility of being able to do what we want to do without worries.
In the same way it happens in our work in We Park, one of our maxims aspirations is the vigilance and care of your vehicle while you are enjoying. What you most want: travel. With our private parking area together to the airport of Alicante-Elche and the services destined to the care of your car, Our only mission is that security is not a problem for you.

Because of its importance, the automotive laws have presented changes for incorporate new security improvements. The new regulations of the Inspection Vehicle Technique (ITV) changes for 2018 and after entering into force on May 20, These are the factors that you must take into account when your car must pass the control:

You can change the station
When you do the review, it may be favorable or not pass it. The new law allows you to go to another station to perform the review after having solved the errors that your car presented. Yes, once. After the established deadlines, you cant do it.

New reading devices
One of the most notable novelties that this law establishes and that obligatorily must have all ITV stations at European level, they are the devices of reading of the on-board diagnostic system – known in English as OBD, for its acronym-. It will work for vehicles registered as of the year 2006. This incorporation is to avoid possible manipulations of the systems, since the devices can access memory and detect movements that have been accomplished. Spain will be the first country to apply this control system, which considers Europe to incorporate it throughout the year in its regulations and also expand it throughout the world.
With its use, the computer failures of the car and the levels of Nitrogen oxides emissions.

Before the date
The ITV of your car can be passed up to one month before the end date and Once that period is over, a new maximum date will be determined to be able to do it.

What are the checks
There are certain data that will be taken into account and that will be monitored, such as identification through the VIN or chassis number, mileage, systems electronic stability, anti-lock braking system, restraint systems, lighting and signaling systems, among others.

Historical registration
Historical registration gives some advantages as a reduction in taxes or certain peculiarities in ITV reviews. The new regulation extends its age parameter and it is no longer a minimum of 25 years to consider your car as historical, but it is extended to 30 if that model has stopped being created and finds in its original mode without having made changes.

Cars purchased in EU
With the new law, you do not need to pass the ITV quickly, but you can take you to the established deadlines and the legislation of your country of origin.

Staff qualification
The personnel in charge of carrying out the revision to your car in the centers in charge for ITV, they will be better trained, reinforcing their degrees and having a one-year training both in person and online. The end of it is that the technicians managers offer a service with better qualities and collaborating with the vehicle safety.

Maybe it’s your first ITV or maybe you’ve already gone through a few revisions, but there’s
certain aspects that can get to forget. Read the following:

Payment of the revision is made at the beginning. Prices depend on the Autonomous Community, but range between 40 and 55 euros approximately.

● It is advisable to ask for a prior appointment. Something as common as this can make us aware of the end date of the maximum date and from there present more inconveniences. You can request the appointment through the telephone that is provided at your ITV station or website. This will avoid queues.

Documentation: it’s useless if your car comes in a good condition if you do not have all the documentation available and in order. The day of the review, Make sure you have the Vehicle Technical Inspection Card visible, the Circulation Permit and your insurance in force. Dispose of all the documentation that you think may be useful and necessary.
Now you just have to consider all these tips and wait for your next ITV review. Think that the first and only important thing is your safety and that of vehicle.

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