Aircraft ticket for this summer: tricks and tips

In the middle of June, we only think that in a few days it is already the summer entrance and they are here those long-awaited dates that give us a time of disconnection. It does not matter if are many days or few, we can all find that moment for us that makes us enjoy the good weather and plan. In addition to beach and pool, it is the best stage to discover the places that we most wanted for months behind.

If you still do not have a plan for this summer, do not worry that everything is not there yet lost, you can find a destination that suits you and that the price also enter within your economy. Of course, so you can start organizing it, it’s advisable that you follow these tips and tricks to live an unforgettable experience.

Early morning purchase
Maybe we thought it would be early in the morning when the offers come out or that airlines update their prices. Normally, in many establishments or services happens in that way, that’s why we have the habit of wait to make our purchases at the beginning of the morning. But, in the case of airlines, it’s the opposite. It is at dawn when they adjust the best prices and where we can take advantage to get the best of them. The ideal time to buy the ticket is about 1 in the morning, since it is the where they put back the seats that have been left free and they are interested in being occupied, that’s why the prices are lower. If you are a night owl, keep this moment in mind to acquire it. Can save you a few euros.

Not always low cost companies
Don´t limit yourself to search only in low cost companies. The name can make us we do not know, and in airlines that do not act under that label, in many Sometimes they offer offers that fit a lot more to our economy than those of low cost. Summer is a very demanded stage to make vacations, That’s why the offer is much bigger and also more varied. Compare, yes, but not only in the portals you know that offer the lowest prices, but in all those that You may think they offer plane tickets. We advise you to make a list and a previous search of all those that you know, that ask for advice, that you Advisors and let you recommend. A previous planning can make you
manage much better your getaway. Also, a time is not always used in excess, but simply to be practical.

The days you book also count
Although we already commented to you a while ago, in summer the reservation of tickets at the best price depending on the day you do it. Avoid the Buy on Mondays and Fridays. The reason is simple: it is the approach to the end of week, when decisions are made and impulse purchase is enhanced. By that, the best ones are Tuesdays and Thursdays. But not only in the reserve, but in
the time to make the trip. You will find schedules that can fit with what you are looking for and some extra extra, like delays are minor.

Airline ticket + accommodation
Many portals offer the possibility to book your plane ticket with. Accommodation showing you the global price afterwards. Although it may turn out to be much more comfortable to have your getaway solved with a click, here we go back to recommend that you compare. You can do it by looking at other travel packages, or simply separately. If you choose in this way, you can also vary different accommodations. We tell you as a fact that the cheapest day for Stay is on Sunday.

Pay attention to the scales
If you first avoid this option, simply give it a chance to observe it. You would be surprised to know that many times flights with a stopover leave 50% more cheap than direct ones.

The purchase of the ticket individually
If the trip is going to be done in the company, it is better that the tickets are bought from individually and not together, since it is in this way that they will access the offers. When an airline offers the tickets, in their transaction all must Take the same price, so it equals them and you can leave at a higher cost.

Larger airports
And although we choose destiny for what we want to see or live, the Airport can also give you a clue. Those that are bigger stand out more offers and also more variety.

The plans that can be made in summer are very numerous, that’s why we can miss the opportunity to enjoy these months that have not done more than start. Choose your destination in mind, buy the plane ticket which best suits you and embarks on the journey that you deserve so much, we while at We Park we take care of watching your car so that when you come back Home, just have the feeling of having made good use of time.

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