Tips for enjoying a long flight

Spending many hours sitting in the same seat and can be very exciting, but at the same time exhausting. Exciting because when you get off the plane you will find a new destination to discover, an adventure to travel that may change your life, family or friends who receive you with emotion after a long time or even your home and your peace of mind. But traveling long hours by plane can also be exhausting and exasperating because you do not know how to entertain yourself during idle hours.

If you have traveled many times on long distance journeys, it is likely that you have already found some tricks to make the trip more bearable. But if this is not your case, we have the solution for you. And we bring you 5 tips to enjoy a long flight.

#1 Choose the seat you prefer
This advice is one of the most important, so you should keep it in mind if you want your trip to be as pleasant as possible. Unlike short-haul flights where it is not very necessary to choose a specific seat and many choose a random one, here you must consider it. Remember that you will spend approximately ten hours in the same place, so scan it well.

Window or hall? This depends on your choice, but you should know that if you choose a window you can rest your head and change your position to rest more comfortably, while if you choose a corridor you can get up and sit whenever you want, without disturbing other travelers.

On the other hand, if you wonder if the beginning is better, in the middle or towards the end of the plane, we will tell you that the most recommended place is usually the one located in the emergency exits, since the space is much bigger and you can stretch the legs and enjoy more comfort.

#2 Wear comfortable clothes
Another issue that you should keep in mind to be as comfortable as possible for so many hours is to wear comfortable clothes. Not too tight pants (or even a tracksuit) and loose shirts are the best option. It is also advisable to wear comfortable shoes and not squeeze ones. It’s true that you’re hardly going to walk, but you should know that your feet are likely to swell from sitting so many hours.
Also, remember to take with you a thin jacket or a cloth handkerchief, because in the airplanes it is often cold. It is true that on long flights they usually offer blankets, but it is always better to know that what we use is sure that it is clean.

#3 Get out of your seat and walk
Stretching your legs on the plane may seem difficult, but if you are sure that when you are traveling you will see more than one person get up and start walking on the plane. And it is one of the most important things to consider. Staying for many hours without changing position can cause a blockage of blood flow that causes swelling and pain in the legs. So to avoid any kind of problem, and step clear a little, it is convenient that every one or two hours out of your seat and move through the corridors of the plane to stretch your legs and back.

#4 Enjoy the views
You are flying over the clouds, so do not miss the views. At about 10,000 meters high everything seems smaller and less important. Our perspective of reality is different, so this can be a good time to reflect and think about the things that routine and hurry often prevent us.

#5 Explore the screen
On long-haul flights you have a screen in front of your seat for you alone, so you can touch it as much as you want. Music, series, movies, games and the map with the route of the flight are just some of the options that your screen can offer, so do not hesitate to explore them. Surely it becomes your ally during the flight!

Now you know five tricks that can make your long journey by plane much more bearable, and even pleasant. If it has been useful, do not miss the second part, because we will give you more advice.

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