Tips for enjoying a long flight (II)

If you are one of those who likes to travel, I’m sure you’ve flown at some point ten hours in a row. As we discussed in the previous article, it can be an exciting experience, but at the same time exhausting. Spending so many hours in a row in the same place and in the same position, with hardly anything to entertain you, it can be frustrating. Thankfully, your goal is to land!
If this is the first time you travel on a long flight, everything will surprise you and call your attention: the plane, the screens, the amenities kits, the bar service … So it is likely that the flight will not be so heavy. On the other hand, if you have already traveled for long periods and you already know all this, enjoying the trip may cost you a little more. That’s why in the past we recommended you to choose the seat you prefer, wear comfortable clothes, get up and walk down the hall, enjoy the views and explore the screen to discover their movies, games and music.
But if these tips did not convince you, today we bring you six more. If you want to discover them, read on.

#6 Entertain your self

Do not spend all day looking out the window. While we have recommended you to enjoy the views and take the time to reflect on the issues that prevent us from day to day, after a while observing the clouds it is time to do something else. So many hours of flight can be use for many things, from reading a book pending, work on that project that you have not finished for years or play video games with a portable game console or an electronic device.
You already know that time goes by faster if you do something that entertains you, so you can also take advantage to plan the trip you are going to make, to know more about the places you will visit or even to make friends. Maybe start a conversation with your seat mate?

#7 Choose what you are going to eat

On long-haul flights, food is included. Normally, depending on the duration and the hours that coincide (breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner) will offer one or more meals. It is common to have several menus so that passengers can choose their favorite when the food cart appears, but if you have any allergy or intolerance, follow a special diet or need something specific you should let the airline know at the time of booking . And eating at ease will make your trip more enjoyable. The saying goes: full belly, happy heart.

#8 Take some food and liquids

There are some airlines that also offer some snacks and drinks, such as nuts, cookies, juices or soft drinks between meals set on the flight. However, in case you do not like those options or if you are eating every few hours, we recommend that you bring your own supplies to kill hunger along the way and to stay hydrated.

#9 Try to sleep a few hours

On the plane, time goes by faster when you sleep. If for two hours to go by when you’re awake you need to see a movie, listen to about 35 songs or see two or three chapters of a series, sleeping you almost do not feel time go by. When you wake up from the nap you will not even know if it has been only two hours or more.

Also, taking advantage of sleeping on the plane is good because you can avoid jet lag. You must bear in mind that the schedule will be different in our destination and if you can not sleep several hours, the effect will be very hard. And for that, small portable pillows or a fat sweater that serves as a headrest can be very useful.

#10 Take a mask and ear caps with you

It does not hurt to wear a mask and some earplugs that isolate you from the rest of the passengers and help you fall asleep. There are times that the airline itself provides them, but sometimes not. So if it is hard for you to sleep surrounded by people or the sound and light bothers you, it is better to be cautious and take this items with you.

# 11 Do not forget about hygiene products

Feeling clean always makes an experience more enjoyable, and traveling by plane is no exception. Having in your hand luggage some basic hygiene items, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste or a comb, helps you feel fresher and cleaner when you spend so much time traveling.
In addition, aircraft cabins are usually very dry places, so it is also important that your toilet bag include’s moisturizers, petroleum jelly and eye drops if you have a tendency to dryness.

Enjoy the destination … and the journey

When we travel so many kilometers by plane it is because something important awaits us when arriving at the destination: to know a new place, to enjoy family or friends, to return to our home … There are many plans that await us when landing, but we need not to forget to enjoy the journey.

We hope that with our advice you have discovered how to enjoy and entertain yourself on a long flight. Remember that if your flight leaves from Alicante, you can count on We Park to take care of your car. We offer you surveillance service and access to your vehicle 24 hours, so that your sole purpose is to turn the getaway into your best trip, always with the certainty that everything is under control.

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