What to bring in the car when we travel in summer

The good weather is, for many, a sign that the time has come to start traveling. It is an opportunity to know all those places that during the winter they have not visited to avoid coinciding with the cold, the wind, the rain or the snow. But the emotion of the first ray of sun can make us sometimes forget what are the things we have to carry in our car when we travel by car.

Surely more than one has left home at any time with the feeling that he was forgetting something or that, even halfway there has been an unexpected and he has not known how to solve it by not undertaking the well prepared trip. So that this does not happen, or if it happens that it causes the least possible evil, we leave you a list of objects that it is advisable to take in the car when we travel in summer.

Sunglasses for driving

If the trip is going to be long, you may want to leave early in the morning or arrive late arriving at your destination. But also, at this time the sun during the day can be annoying and during dawn and dusk it can dazzle, so it is advisable to wear sunglasses to avoid situations that can put us in more than a hurry.
But not any pair is worth, with these things it is better not to skimp and get a proper glasses. Choose them taking into account their absorption rate of ultraviolet and infrared rays and the protection against reflections.

Food and drink

Always remember to bring food and drinks for the journey. When we start a trip we never know what unexpected things can happen to us or where we will find the next place to eat something, so it never hurts to be proactive and have some sandwiches and bottles of water ready to stay hydrated.
In addition, it is advisable that you try not to make very copious meals before embarking on the trip, as this way you will avoid possible embarrassments and feel bad in the car.

Emergency first aid kit

It is very useful and important that you have a small first aid kit. Do not forget to include medication for dizziness, generic pain and basic material of cures, such as bandaids, tape, handkerchiefs, cotton, gauze or ointment.

Full tank

You never know when an unforeseen event may arise, so, as far as possible, we should try to make the deposit completely full. For this it is advisable to refuel when the tank has dropped below half.

A breakdown kit

It is always advisable to have a series of elements that will help us in the event of breakdown: mandatory items such as the reflective vest, emergency triangles, the jack to place the spare wheel or replacement lamps can not be missing. But we can also include spare fuses, battery clips, belts, tools and gloves.

A flashlight

Although in the summer the day lengthens and we enjoy many hours of sun, the unexpected can arise at any time of the day, even in low light or at night. Having a flashlight in hand in the car will allow us to always have an auxiliary light source, with which we will see better and we will be more visible. If you want to make sure you always have a battery, our advice is to bring a dynamo flashlight, that is, those that are loaded with movement.

Batteries charged

Being proactive implies having the batteries charged, and not only the vehicle, also your mobile phone and the rest of technological devices that can be allied to call in any emergency situation, obtain information about the state of the roads, alternative routes for Avoid traffic jams or even if traveling with children, entertain them during the journey.

Charger for mobile or external battery

Related to the previous recommendation, this time we recommend you always carry a charger or an external battery in the car to make sure you have enough battery.

Compulsory documentation

Regardless of the station, there are three mandatory documents that we must always carry in our car on any type of journey. They are the guarantee that we comply with the law and the necessary rules to circulate safely and that is the first thing that an agent asks us if they stop us or we are involved in an incident. It concerns the driving license, the driving license and the Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) card.

For several years now it is no longer necessary to carry in the car the insurance policy and the receipt of the last payment in force, since the agents can check in the place if the vehicle is insured. Anyway, it does not hurt to take them.

But maybe you have decided to make your trip by plane, so we from WePark monitor your car 24 hours a day in the parking lot we offer near the airport of Alicante-Elche so that your main concern is just to enjoy the summer.

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