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Airlines that allow you to travel by plane with your dog

Pet lovers raise a thousand questions when getting on a plane with their dog, the question of whether they will travel well, the requirements they have to meet or if their four-legged friend could travel with them.

In the end, we can travel with our dog and the requirements to meet depends on the airline. So better start with those that do accept pets on their flights:


The airline based in Barcelona let you travel with dogs, as long as the maximum measurements of the carrier are 50 centimeters long, 40 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters deep, that is, the sum of these three dimensions does not exceed 110 centimeters. In addition, the weight of the pet and the box together can´t exceed 8 kilograms. Vueling has among its conditions accept two animals in cabin per flight, but do not worry because they have everything studied, if you are going to book your flight, including a pet, and it turns out that there is an animal quota for a full flight, It will not allow you to make the reservation. So we recommend that if you travel with Vueling and you want your hairy to accompany you, make the reservation with enough time.

Also, note that Vueling does not accept animals in the winery, nor does it offer this service for flights to and from the United Kingdom and Malta.

Of course, our pet will not travel for free. We will have to pay for it on domestic flights around 25 euros, while on flights to the Canary Islands or international we will pay the sum of 40 euros, almost as one more passenger.
Vueling offers flights from Alicante airport, perfect if you reside in the area and want to make a travel with your little pet.

Air Europe

Another one of the big companies that have flights from the airport of Alicante and allows to travel with pets is Air Europa. In your case, like Vueling, the weight of the dog and the carrier can not exceed 8 kilograms to be able to travel in the cabin. In case of exceeding such weight restriction, the animal will have to travel in the hold.

The most recognized company in Spain, Iberia, also allows pets on their flights, from dogs or cats, to birds, to turtles. Of course, it also has its own restrictions, among them, that the maximum weight of the animal is 8 kilograms, including the carrier or cage. In addition, the carrier must be no more than 45 centimeters long, 35 centimeters wide and 25 centimeters deep. For the sake of the pet and by Iberia’s requirement, the carrier must be resistant, comfortable, safe and allow ventilation.

Lastly, Airberlin also accepts pets, except for JustFly fare planes, which do not accept pets on their flights, and on flights to and from the United Kingdom. Neither, allow animals in Business class.

In the case of this airline, the weight of the dog or cat is much lower, as a maximum allows to go on board with pets that reach 6 kilograms, including the carrier. Therefore, they are animals of a much smaller breed.

In the case of this airline, the tariffs are around 30 and 100 euros, varying depending on the flight and the distance it will travel. If the animal and cage weigh more than 6 kilograms, they will have to travel in the winery, where the rates range between 75 and 150 euros.

The WePark service for pets

If you plan to travel from Alicante airport and you want to leave the car in WePark, do not worry about your pet, in the transfer from the parking lot to the airport and vice versa, your friend can travel in the van, for us it is one more client. Also, if for the reasons of your trip or the chosen airline you can not travel your dog with you, you can leave it in the facilities prepared for pets in WePark.
If your stay is very long, at WePark we have the veterinarian’s pick up, with the possibility of staying at the hotel for pets, which takes care of your pet for long periods so that you can travel with peace of mind.

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