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Romantic destinations to visit on Valentine’s Day

Not much time left for Valentine’s Day and one of the usual gifts to celebrate is to make a romantic getaway. In the next post, Wepark advises you possible places to enjoy a long-awaited date to show your love to your partner. Without a doubt, traveling is always one of the best options to surprise your partner in a big way. We will show several romantic scenarios and calculate the estimated price of how much the plane ticket could cost to each city.

Paris on Valentine’s Day

It was clear that this city can`t be left out if you are looking to spend a romantic weekend with your partner. Paris is indisputably the city of world romanticism and an excellent place to stroll while going from one place to another looking for the main monuments of this beautiful city. Who would not want to photograph themselves under the Eiffel Tower or take a walk along the Seine river? Since it is a romantic getaway, we also recommend visiting the Museum of Eroticism in the Parisian red light district, where you can enjoy a tour of ancient and modern erotic art from around the world. The Alicante – Paris plane ticket costs 120 euros on average including round trip.

Vienna on Valentine’s Day

This city is one of the oldest in Europe and has a very interesting artistic heritage. Vienna offers a wide variety of events related to classical music being an excellent option for a romantic weekend and even more if you are fond of classical music. Vienna is elegant, charming and very open to the Valentine’s party. It also has Austrian Art Galleries where you can see the famous painting of “The Kiss” by Klimt. The city has romantic walks, spectacular architecture and horse carriages to know all its corners. The Alicante – Vienna plane ticket can be purchased for a price of around 200 euros round trip.

Rome on Valentine’s Day

City that is surrounded by art and beauty. Rome is the Italian capital being the ideal place to spend the day of lovers. This city you can see it thoroughly in a weekend. If you go on Valentine’s Day you can´t leave without leaving a padlock with the name of both on the walk along the Tiber River. It is typical to hook the padlock on the bridge and throw the keys to the water as a sign of eternal love. Another very typical act of a romantic getaway to Rome is to throw some coins in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish or take a walk through the viewpoint of the Garden of Orange trees, this walk is recommended to do at night to see the Basilica of San Pedro illuminated. The Alicante – Rome plane ticket costs around 200 euros round trip.

Prague on Valentine’s Day

If you travel to this city on Valentine’s Day, you will run away from the typical romantic holidays that are made on these dates. Prague has several proposals to enjoy a unique weekend walking along the Vltava river by boat, an excellent option to know part of the Czech capital. During the trip you will enjoy beautiful views, a typical meal of the city and several shows on board. In Prague you can rent horse carriages and walk their streets in a very romantic way. Another classic place that all tourists visit is The Prague Opera. The average price of a return ticket Alicante – Prague is 250 euros.
Wepark we take into account the people with our philosophy. Our logo refers to a heart because the customer is at the center of our strategy. With this post we wanted to give several options of typical places to spend a romantic weekend. Leaving the car in Wepark can cost you approximately 13 euros, with the option of adding extra services such as: car wash, ITV or covered parking. Wepark is the best option if you need to go by car to the Alicante – Elche Airport.

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