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Changes in the luggage policy of Ryanair

The Irish airline Ryanair launched its new baggage policy on January 15, which includes significant changes with respect to the old policies in force. Ryanair has tried to get the new policies put into effect after the Christmas bridge. The most significant change has been the charge to the passenger of an extra payment for those who want to carry two pieces of hand luggage on board.

Ryanair seeks with this change, reduce the amount of luggage on board and in return will make a reduction in the price of billable suitcases. The difference is approximately 10 euros, before it cost 35 and now 25 euros. Even, the weight allowed in each bag has increased 5 kilos. The company is encouraging the passenger to reduce the use of hand luggage and increase the billing of the suitcase. The only way to not pay the difference if you want to carry a suitcase more, will be through the purchase of a plane ticket with “priority boarding”. This special service can be added when the person makes the purchase or when two and a half hours before the departure time of the flight.

The first criticisms appear

For several years people have been taking advantage of being able to raise two packages of hand baggage to the plane at zero cost and the small space that in most of the times there was in the cabin has not been taken into account. Sometimes this reason has been the trigger to generate delays in the flight.

Criticisms have appeared since many people who have traveled these days did not know anything about the new changes, the company informed them properly. Regular customers of Ryanair have criticized the changes because they see them as a way to earn more income. Currently only carry a hand luggage with the following measures (35x20x20 cm). In the event that the passenger had two bags of hand, the second would be lowered to the warehouse charging the appropriate rate.
The need to inquire about luggage

There are brands such as American Tourister that sell suitcases with adequate luggage measures to the Ryanair company, which coincide mostly with the other airlines. Ryanair on its website offers several suitcase models that comply with the new regulations. There are several companies that practice this type of business. The problem arises when you travel and the measures do not meet the requirements. Today there is no standard size or weight for carry-on luggage. There is a maximum and minimum size. The only thing we can advise if you are going to travel, read carefully the regulations of the airline with which you are going to fly and check the size and weight allowed.

Wepark takes you to the terminal

In Wepark we take care of bringing and bringing passengers to the Alicante-Elche Airport terminal. If by chance you are a large group of people and you have the need to leave the vehicle near the airport, it would not be a problem. Wepark has a vehicle with which you can go to and return from the airport terminal with the instant transfer bus service

The vehicle that Wepark puts at your disposal has a capacity for 7 passengers, ideal for large groups and families. There would be no problem with the luggage as it has a space for 12 large suitcases plus hand luggage. The transfer bus includes one round trip for each reservation made. If you contract the stay for a year, it includes 12 transfers to and from the Alicante-Elche Airport. It is worth traveling when you have so many facilities to make your holidays as pleasant as possible.

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