Can I cancel or change my flight reservation?

We know that plans change, maybe when you bought your plane tickets you had those days off but now it is not like that. When we book a trip, especially if we do it well in advance, we do not know if our plans will end up truncating. It is likely that an obligation arises, another plan that we like more or even that we do not want to go. This is when many of us find ourselves in a new situation in which we ask ourselves if we can cancel or change the flight reservation.

If this is your situation and you are interested to know if you can change or cancel your flights, do not despair because we will tell you everything.

Can I cancel or change my flight?
First of all you should know that the conditions of changes and cancellations of the airlines are different depending on the company with which you book and the contracted rate. Even so, in most cases you can make changes in reservations.

For example, with Iberia, changes to dates and flights can only be made up to a maximum time of three hours before the departure of the flight and is subject to the conditions of the ticket price (they will accept changes without any cost, with a penalty or may not allow any change). You can find more information for and terms and conditions on their website (click here).

In the case for Ryanair, all flights can be changed, but can not be canceled (click here). Modifications to dates, times and routes can be changed online up to two and a half hours before the departure time of the flight, unless you have already checked in online. In that case you should contact the booking management department to undo and charges and billing.

For its part, Vueling allows you to change the date or time of your flight up to two hours before your departure through its website (click here), app or Customer Service Center or at the airport up to an hour before. But for this you must pay a 50 euros penalty plus the difference in price if your rate is Basic, Optima and Family. Only if you book with the TimeFlex Rate you can make unlimited changes (also paying the price difference between tickets).

These are just some examples that we wanted to explain to you so that you can see the difference of conditions between canceling or changing flights between different airlines that operate in Spain. If your reservation is with another company, you should inform yourself through its website or its customer services.

Can I cancel my ticket and be reimbursed?
The airlines offer you the possibility of canceling your ticket and being reimbursed depends on the rate purchased. You should know that most basic rates and restrictions do not allow refunds, or if in any case they allow it, you could be hit with a penalty.

However, if this is your case, usually you will be reimbursed the cost of your ticket under special circumstances, such as a death. By way of example, Iberia provides, upon presentation of the original death certificate and photocopy of the family book, the full refund of the air ticket in the event of the death of a first-degree relative, i.e parents, children, spouse and in-laws of the family ticket holder.

What steps should I take to change or cancel my flights?
The necessary steps to change or cancel your reservation depend on the airline with whom you travel and the rate you contracted/purchased with your flight. That is why in some cases you will have to make a supplement payment or fine, while with others it won’t be necessary.

What if I had already booked the parking with WePark?
If you had already made your reservation with WePark, you should not worry because we offer you maximum flexibility. If you cancel or modify your reservation, we will not charge you a penalty, regardless of how far in advance you decide it.

As you can see, from WePark we want to make things easier for you so that your traveling experience is as pleasant as possible. Remember that you can count on us if you travel from the Alicante – Elche Airport.

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