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Cosmopolitan cities from Alicante

What understand by city cosmopolitan? The word cosmopolitan has his origin in the Greek “Citizen of the world”. It understands by city cosmopolita when it possesses a wide influence of a lot of countries. They are places where prevail the people with open mentalities and are of crowd of origins. Where there are not prejudices of race, ideologies or beliefs. By the contrary, the person that is not cosmopolita is an enclosed
person, with prejudices and with a mentality very close to the ancient, as it is used to say.

The airport of Alicante breathes cosmopolitan air of a lot of cities of Europe and the rest of the World. It is a place with a lot of tourist catchwords that attract to citizens of all the globe. The percentage of flights goes growing every year, so much in exits like arrivals. Thanks to the arrival of so many tourists, Alicante begins to have cosmopolitan true touch. A factor that increases this tendency is the number of global cities that find in Europe.


Is the city of the canals and the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is considered one of cities with the most open mindedness in Europe. It combines its extensive canals and bridges with its spectacular 16th and 17th century architecture. It has very emblematic places such as the Amsterdam Museum and the famous red light district. It has plenty of tourist attractions and of course excellent entertainment areas.

It might be say that the weather in Amsterdam is quite similar to that of London. During the months of summer the temperature is around 12º and 20º. Due to these temperatures the streets of the city are crowded, to take advantage of the seasonal weather. In Winter the temperature is less than 0 º C, it even snows.

The best time to travel to Amsterdam is in the spring or summer, although you will find more agglomerations. Travel to this city from Alicante, is very cheap and with a wide offer. Different airlines work on this route. There is the option of to scale, for example in Madrid or Paris, but as it is a very busy route and nearby, it is worth not to scale. Ticket prices can be purchased from €80 to €350 approximately.


Cosmopolitan City and the busiest in the world. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Sacred Heart, etc. It is a city with many history and innumerable cultures living in the French capital.

The weather in Paris is somewhat undefined, but located within the oceanic climate. Paris is a rainy city and recommendable to visit in summer when the average temperature is is 25 degrees maximum. At Alicante airport there are numerous companies that work on this route, such as: Ryanair, Vueling, EasyJet, Air Europa, KLM orIberia. Most flights are direct. Prices range from 60€ if you buy it with time up to 300 € depending on the time of purchase and the company you hire.


It is the most visited tourist destination in Europe. A city with a history of more than two thousand years, but in which you can find people from all over the world. You can imagine. You just need to visit it and walk through its streets to give you that this is a cosmopolitan city. London has 32 districts and has one of the most most important business areas in the world “The City”.

London has a mild oceanic weather. In summer, temperatures do not usually exceed 25 degrees. Warm temperature than on Spain in autumn, also depends on the area. To being such a busy destination flights can be obtained at a reasonable price. The operating Airlines at Alicante airport are: Ryanair, Air Europa, Monarch,Vueling, Iberia,, Norwegian Air Shuttle, TAP Portugal. The duration of the flight is 2 hours and 45 minutes approximately. There is also the option of stopover in Zurich or Madrid.

New York

Cosmopolitan city and a place where it is impossible to get bored. Check that it is a cosmopolitan place, walking by TimesSquare and Fifth Avenue.

The climate in the city is quite varied depending on the time of the year, therefore, it has a similarity with Spain. When it has to be cold, it is cold and when summer arrives the temperatures rise. It has a continental climate and is an important factor when it comes to making tourism from new York to Alicante and vice versa. It’s a 12-and-a-half hour journey. There are no direct flights new York – Alicante, the easiest way is to get close to Valencia. The cheapest flights are around €700.

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