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Your first plane trip

Not everyone has had the opportunity to travel by plane. It’s complicated in the times they run, to meet someone who hasn’t ridden on a plane. Either for fear of flying or because you have not had the opportunity to take a tour of tourism or work. A long time ago riding a plane was a privilege reserved for few people, until commercial airplanes appeared. The history of commercial aviation is still very short. The Germans founded the first commercial line in 1919.

It is true that when you travel by plane for the first time in your life, there are many doubts about your head. In this post we will explain step by step what you have to consider to travel by plane for the first time. From how to get to the airport, until you carry a suitcase so you don’t have any problems before boarding. We want your experience to be relaxed and without last-minute surprises.

First we will start showing you the main destinations you can choose from the airport of Alicante-Elche. It occupies the fifth place in the airport network of Spain and is among the 50 with greater transit within Europe. So, if you’re thinking about making your first trip, you can choose from a multitude of destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Krakow, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Moscow, Oslo, Rome, Zurich, etc. Countless options that incite you to travel arround the world.

Once you have chosen the destination, it is time for the preparations. Migrations, passport, check-in, boarding, luggage, etc. If you have chosen a destination other than the European Union you will need to have a passport a day, as the country of destination will require a visa as a tourist, even sometimes if you travel with minors, you can ask for the birth certificate. It is a very basic document that must always be carried on when you make a trip.

Another interesting topic that we are going to explain with is the question of luggage. It is a very confusing subject, because depends on the country of destination and the company you make the trip to, you must meet some rules or other. When you embark on a plane, the first thing you have to know is, the existence of a carry-on baggage and another that you can save on the plane and you will not receive until arriving at the airport of destination. Very important to arrive with plenty of time (approximately 2 hours) if you need to take luggage aside from carry-on baggage. The passenger must make the check-in at the counter assigned to the airline you have hired. Some airports give you the opportunity to manage it through some machines without the need to print the boarding pass.

Depending on the airline, class or destination, lumps may be between one or two and between 20 kg or 30 kg. When you exceed the baggage limit, the person must pay an additional amount. For safety reasons there are a number of objects and materials that cannot be carried in carry-on baggage, such as: Weapons of all kinds, sharp objects, flammable material, chemical substances, etc. And if you’re thinking of carrying a laptop, IPad, mobile phone to entertain you during the trip, you can do it, but you won’t be able to use them on takeoff or landing. Once you arrive at the airport you must find the landing area that corresponds to your flight and thus get the baggage you have invoiced previously. The advantage of just taking the carry-on baggage is the saving of time both in the shipment and in the arrival to the destination

We could only clarify one thing. Sometimes when we want to be safe from being at the airport in time to do the whole process before embarking on the plane. It is advisable not to rely on public transport, because sometimes you may get a surprise because they can fail a bus line and do not arrive in time and lose the entire trip.

There is the possibility that if you already have a car and do not want to leave it at the airport because it is very expensive, you can leave it in the parking WePark where you will get a personalized treatment and your car will always be careful while you are traveling. And if you are thinking of making a trip of more than a week, Wepark offers a long term parking service in which you will be able to pick up the vehicle and what is very important, your car will be controlled with video surveillance and physical personnel 24 hours a day.

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