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5 destinations to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve

As the years go on, New Year’s Eve lives in a different way. You go from putting on the best clothes and getting ready to spend a very intense night, to have other worries like, for example, arranging dinner for the whole family. Start the puzzle. But, if you’re still in time to avoid it, we offer you an excellent choice. Every year more people are avoiding these worries and celebrating New Year’s Eve making a trip out of Spain. These festivities have always been a family reunion, but if this year wants to escape a few days with the family, we suggest 5 destinations for you to enjoy and spend a few different festivities.

One of the biggest cities in Europe and a place where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve with the family as there are multitude of interesting activities to enjoy. One of the things that is highly recommended is to take a cruise on the Thames. It offers a unique experience, as well as taking a stroll through one of the most enchanting rivers in
Europe, you will see the great New Year’s Eve fireworks show with the dinner included in the family plan. The duration of these trips are usually 5 hours
Other of the strong points of the city there are the multitude of restaurant with special menus that like negative aspect it is necessary to recognize that the price rises, as it is logical due to the date of which it is a question. It is common to choose a restaurant close to the London Eye with a view to the fireworks. London offers infinity of live concerts in pubs and holidays with spectacles with an excellent ambience.

The City of love and light. It offers Parisians and tourists a great spectacle of light and color with fireworks and a sensational show on the Eiffel Tower. In the avenue of the Champs Elysées, people drink with champagne before 12 and go near their surroundings to celebrate the arrival of the new year. It is advisable to go up to the Montmartre
and enjoy excellent views of Paris. After the 12 bells, people are still partying in the city’s pubs venues where you can prolong it until the wee hours of the morning. Paris is also a city to enjoy in the family and enjoy the small of waffles that are in the street and its endearing Christmas markets.

One of the most expected shows the New Year in Vienna is without doubt, the concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra, mission impossible to get entry. But you can enjoy the March Radetzkyen. The Old Town of Vienna becomes a big party where you can enjoy sites of food and drink, and where you will listen live music. It is a tradition, past midnight, for everyone start to dance waltz It is advisable to go to the Square of the Town hall where after the strokes, the dance gives beginning with the Dance of the Big Ball. Vienna is a magic place to spend New Year’s Eve offering many alternatives to the Danube shore.

Known for its New Year’s Eve as one of the most popular in the continent as a city offering both a quieter night, Brussels gives options for all tastes. Essential to book before since all the sites are busy. Once you have dined you can get closer to the Monts des Arts and feel the atmosphere by the streets and enjoy the fireworks that dazzle the whole city. Brussels is a city that does not have many new year traditions, but it is a place worth visiting in these dates for its pleasant atmosphere and for having a very accessible nightlife for the tourist, you will get an excellent impression of the country. Going up to the Ferris wheel of the Plaza Sant Catalina is something you’ll never forget, as you will see the whole city lit and the impressive atmosphere that is in the streets.

New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh is known as Hogmanay, Pagan Festival and one of the largest celebrations in all of Europe. It attracts more than 100,000 people from all over the globe, lasts three days and there are plenty of events, concerts, music festivals, games, street activities, etc. This city does have traditional acts such as “The Loony
Dook”, a famous bath in the icy waters of the River Forth or fireworks as it sounds “Auld Lang Syne”. On New Year’s Eve Edinburgh cuts the streets of the old town for vehicle access and organizes a festival for all its hulls. City 100% recommended to go in New Year’s Eve and live something different.

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