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Quality in customer service

When you make a trip the first thing you have in mind is to get to the place where you are going to stay and enjoy a perfect holidays. The tourism industry on most occasions surpasses other sectors if we talk about the service provided to the customer. The level of customer satisfaction must be the first thing to have an excellent experience on the trip. The behavior of a stewardess, the price of the car park where you leave the vehicle or the treatment that gives you a waiter, will create an experience that can be negative or positive for the tourist. Each and every one of the aspects that live on a trip, take the tourist to decide whether or not to return to the same place, and what is very important for the company, recommend it.

There are basic elements that must have any company to work properly and offer excellent customer service. The positive attitude and the desire are very important to maintain a positive environment in the company and the perfect moment to realize it occurs when a problem happens. Finding a solution to a particular bug is where the attitude towards the customer is shown.

Other than the services that the organization can offer to the client, the staff must be well informed, all the services and products that are offered will need to be known. The look that is acquired in the ignorance of a worker can be very negative and to devalue all the work and money invested in publicity.

An example of attitude around the client we see it with Ilde Casanova, Manager of Wepark highlighting the behavior of the company around the client in an article of the weekly newspaper Euro Weekly News. Here the article: Among all the advantages is the proximity to the airport being the first establishment that you can see to 200 meters from the terminal. The Wepark logo is a heart built with parking lines, a symptom that they are a team that do what they love. The treatment they offer is as personal as possible, covering the individual needs of each client.

We remain with a phrase that leaves us his manager with more than 8 years of experience in the sector that says “We work with vehicles, but we treat all people for its name”. Wepark offers countless services very advantageous if you are thinking to take a plane at the airport Alicante-Elche as, for example: test of ITV, mechanics or pick-up service at the airport among others.

For everyone who want to make a weekend getaway, leave the car in Wepark costs 17 euros, 26 euros a week and 250 euros an annual plan, but if you go with the announcement of Euro weekly New will cost you 199 euros. As you can see is a very close deal and always put the client in the center of the Wepark organization.

The customer service includes many aspects ranging from the moment that the person knows the mark until service ends. Depends on the employer and its workers that the company follows a positive impression or negative. All that is needed to achieve this important goal is to put yourself in the consumer’s skin at all times.

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