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Flights from Alicante to dream places

We have not said goodbye of the summer holidays yet and we are already planning our escape in Christmas. That’s why we propose to you, if you travel from the airport of
Alicante, some destinations.

Flee from the cold at Christmas

If you have remained with desire of more beach, a perfect option is to flee of the cold and to shelter in paradisiac beaches, where to relax and to take a few mojitos listening of fund to the sea. Some of the flights that you can take from the airport of Alicante and enjoy these holidays with bikini in the middle of December.

Easter islands

Easter Island is located in Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, very known for the film “Rapa Nui” of 1994 where it shows part of the native culture and its impressive landscapes. An island known for the Enigma that hides its gigantic heads, protected by the government within the Rapa Nui National Park. A paradisiacal place to enjoy a vacation absorbing unique experiences.

The flight to Easter Island from Alicante does 3 scales and is about 33 hours, with a 3,000 euros average price of roundtrip per person. A trip only within reach of a few, but promises a dream landscapes.

Today the Easter Island is a very tourist area so it has diverse activities to know its culture, its ancestral roots, its people and its places. In addition, hotels and inns where to stay and enjoy its exotic gastronomy.

Important when in Spain we have the winter, on Easter Island is summer, a warm subtropical summer that extends from 21 December to 21 March, with maximum of 28 ºc and minimum of 15 º C.

Cape Town

Cape Town is, after Johannesburg, the second most populated city in South Africa. But that does not take away from being an idyllic destination to enjoy beaches and culture. A city that perfectly blends African roots with the cosmopolitan western diversity.

Even if you had never raised it, in this beautiful city you will find an impressive diversity of fauna and flora. It is worth highlighting species such as white sharks, whales, penguins and seals. Perfect if you want to bring a good photographic report.

Visit Cape Town involves making two stopovers until you reach our destination and a
average of 22 hours of flight. The price for roundtrip is around 1000 euros, but as always we recommend you not leave it for last moment as the prices increase.

Here it happens just like on Easter Island, while here we take the coats there the keep. Therefore, you will find a soft and dry summer that goes from November until February.
Although it remains very stable throughout the year the temperature, you will find in these dates up to 35 ºC

Christmas in the mountains

Another way to enjoy Christmas is to find faraway places, surrounded by snow and landscapes almost of fairy tales. These are two examples of cities that you can visit If you travel from Alicante Airport


Reykjavik is the capital and most populous city of Iceland. A place known for its abundant geysers, which in the midst of the icy snow, emit as fountains columns of water and steam hot. But not only in these spectacular masses of hot air resides the beauty of the City, but it is very close to the Arctic Circle, one of the most important terrestrial parallels.

Reykjavik has become fashionable with the last seasons of Game of Thrones, perhaps by to be a city where the heat of the geysers and the cold of the snow are intermingled as occurs in the series. But, not only is it here, it was also inspired by Jules Verne, who marked the city as the possible entrance to the center of the Earth.

Unlike other tourist areas, perhaps because of its icy climate, is not massively populated tourist, so stroll through its streets, enjoy its landscapes and gastronomy is a pleasure away from the bustle that accompanies many tourists.

If you decide to pack jackets and a lot of shelter for this Christmas and visit this beautiful City, do not miss the Northern lights that in few places in the world can appreciate as here.

The flight to Reykjavik from Alicante Airport is much more economic to comparison of the previous examples and within reach of anyone. For about 300 euros You can go and come to the city in an average of 4 hours. Perfect for a quick weekend.

Remember that here the cold prevails, much more in winter, where the average temperature in summer of 12 ° C, whereas in January is of-6 ° C


Tromsø is located in the province of Troms, located in Norway. Another option to enjoy of snow, cold and ice in winter, a continental complex that joins numerous islands, even some of them uninhabited.

Despite being Odin one of the gods par excellence of the distant Norway, this area is famous because it gained importance in the Middle Ages being a religious nucleus of the Catholic Church, where today is the episcopal head office of the Church of Norway.

Within its attractions, we can highlight the island of Kvaløya, which is located a half drive from the center and is a perfect starting point to make dream tales. Although in Winter you have to be much more careful as this area, is covered by the snow.

But if these places have something magical is the possibility of being of the few areas where
see the midnight sun, but for it prepares your trip in May. Or hunting dawns northern , for it is best to hire excursions that pursue this fact, so sure that you bring unique pictures and emotions.

The round-trip flight has a price of around 400 euros and has a duration of approximately 2 hours and a half.

In addition, in winter it is a cold city that rounds the 6th C and is reputed to be the city of Norway with more snow. So if you go in winter, you must be well prepared.

Travel has become one of the great pleasures of life, it is that moment in the that we want everything to goes well and that when you return home everything is as we leave, so that nothing better than before embarking on your adventure , arrive at the airport of Alicante with the tranquility of knowing that your car will be safe in the parking We Park, which will transfer you and pick you up at the airport without having to worry about it.

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