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The importance of security in the airport parkings

Planning a plane trip, whether for work or tourism, always involves some loose ends, to which we turn around and around without we cant find a solution sometimes. One of the things to most to worrie about it is where the traveler can leaves his car during the trip,because the parkings of the airports usually have an excessive price.

But if we travel from the Alicante airport we have this problem more than solved, with parkings like We Park, that allow to park your vehicle at affordable prices during your vacation and, in addition, they drive you and pick you up on the terminal. So that your trip will be just perfect.

How we know if a car park is safe?

It is possible that the fear takes possession of you and you believe that during this time you will return and will be only the chassis of your vehicle. But this is not the case, today the parkings near the airport of Alicante has great security measures, from surveillance cameras 24 hours, passing by security personnel, and alarms connected with urgency to the Police Headquarters.

The purpose of these facilities is based on you leaving peacefully to your vacation or business meeting without the car being your concern. In such a way that when you return home everything is just as you left it, without any scare.

If you have doubts when you arrive at the parking, do not hesitate to ask the workers what security measures they have and how they act in case of a robbery.

What are the most common security systems used in parking?

As we have mentioned before, there are many ways to protect the parking, but we leave some:

Access control: Nothing better than control who enters and exit from the parking, in many cases the dimensions of the parking or the services that includes, as for example, the availability of places throughout the year, where the owner of the vehicle can enter and deposit his vehicle freely in the assigned place. You can also set up client cards that allow you to open and close the door at the access control.

Alarms: The well-known audible alarms and connected to the head offices, which in case of robbery, movements or struggle at the main entrance door are activated by sending a notice to the security central and from here to the police. The advantage of Alicante Airport is its location, which allows you to be close to the town and therefore close to the police facilities.

Security cameras: The security cameras allow a continuous recording of everything that happens in the parking lot, either a robbery as strange movements or people roaming around the area. The review of these cameras allows to detect and prevent future assaults.

Security personnel: Many parkings located in the vicinity of Alicante Airport have a 24-hour schedule, but some of them, close certain hours of the day. In this case, as well as in both, you can count on security personnel throughout the day. In this way, we will make sure that there is a continuous control in the entrance and facilities of the Parking.

All the parkings are provided with one or others security measures that allow you to worry about the vehicle during your trip.

In We Park we have video surveillance and physical personnel 24 hours a day to take care of your vehicle, in order to provide greater security and tranquility for you.

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