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The French air traffic controllers strike cancels flights in the middle of the

The French air traffic controllers strike let hundreds of people unable to enjoy of their week of holidays from 9 and 12 October, due to the cancellation of the past Tuesday
of 18 flights with origin/destination in the airport of Alicante-Elche. In addition, all this has been in addition to the delays of the Easyjet company.

The cancellation of 212 flights has mainly affected the airports Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat, Alicante, Málaga-Costa del Sol, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Ibiza, Valencia and Reus, so if you had scheduled a trip to Destinations like Paris, in order to enjoy this peculiar week, where many workers have taken advantage to take a break, you will have to look for alternative plans.

But the ravages have not only affected Spain, the rest of Europe such as Billund, Milan, Liverpool, Manchester, Memmingen, Frankfurt or Bristol, have also have been
flights cancelled. Although these, they have basically been affected by people who were performing work flights.

Once again, the controlers paralyze the flights for days in order to manage to improve its labor conditions, between which they stand out in this French case, the
organization of its work, the dismissals and the retirement. Facts that they remind us to the big crisis of the strike of 72 hours of the Spanish air-traffic controlers in 2010, where the Government declared the state of alert.

Companies like Vueling, who have not cancelled their flights at Barcelona Airport, has advised their customers to inform themselves before moving to the airport and gives the possibility of change the flight to another up, till 15 days before or after, up to 15 days after the Departure of the current flight. In addition, it offers the possibility to reimburse the cost of the trip in a term of 7 days.

If you are one of those affected, communicate that these cancellations only affect those flights with destination/Origin France, which in no case would affect other cities and much less services like parking to spend your vehicle overnight, while you enjoy your trip like We Park.

A different holidays plan

Receive this news when you have planning a trip months ago, breaks illusions and generates a big anger. But do not let this situation leave you without enjoying the days off that youhave and much less when the airlines give you the opportunity to change your flight to another day.

The first step, once the news has been received, try dont lose your temper and look for your positivity. After, claim a change of flight to a day before or after the strike or try to change the destination, even if you find this more complex for all that leads to the time of accommodation, do not worry, today and thanks to the technologies you can perform Cancelations with 24 hours in advance in the vast majority of hotels in the world.

If your plan was to enjoy a romantic week away in Paris and you stay without it, lose a day of Trip, retrieves the reimbursement, and choose cities such as Dublin, London or the Netherlands for Take a trip in a couple. You will still having your parking space in We Park to leave your Car, only modifies destination and your accommodation.

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