Essential in your suitcase (II)

Baggage is the engine that makes the difference in whether something goes well or not during a trip. So, to facilitate the task of making a suitcase, it is really useful to prepare a list so that we never forget anything. If you do not have time to do it for your next trip, continue reading because here we leave you our second part of our essentials for all types of trips. Of course, do not forget to stop by the first part (click here), where we explain our trick to bring the right and necessary clothes, what to include in the kit or where to keep the documentation safely.

Emergency first aid kit
It is very useful and important that you have a small kit in your luggage. As we discussed in the first part, you must first inform yourself about the area and the flight conditions; but, broadly, do not forget to include in it medicines for dizziness, generic pain, basic material of cures-thirsty, tape, handkerchiefs, cotton, gauze or ointment, allergies or sun exposure. It is likely that you will easily find pharmacies in your destination, but traveling with your own first aid kit will speed up the healing process and avoid misunderstandings if you travel to a place where they speak another language.

Make sure you take enough money
It seems logical, but it never hurts to keep it in our list. Check that you have taken the money you calculated in the budget of the trip and that you carry credit cards to deal with any unforeseen event.

Technological devices and their chargers
Remember to bring all the technology you need for your trip: mobile, tablet, computer or camera. Also do not forget the chargers for each device or take an adapter if you travel to a country with a different plug.

Do not forget to check the voltage and the frequency is to know if the technological devices that you take, such as chargers, hair dryers or hair irons match those of the country you are traveling to, or otherwise you risk breaking them.

Other useful objects
You can also include in your baggage other items that may be useful and that we consider essential on our travel list because on more than one occasion they have saved us from a hurry or because, at least, they have facilitated the trip. We refer to:

  • The bags. It does not matter if they are made of cloth or plastic, but they are key to organizing your clothes, especially the dirty one or the one you have already used. If your suitcase is not very big and does not have many sections to divide it, having bags it will be very useful to create different spaces and not mix it.
  • Towel. The microfiber is perfect for travel because it dries very fast and takes up little space.
    Umbrella. You never know how you can change the climate in our destination and play a trick on us, so we recommend you include a folding umbrella in your suitcase, as it does not take up too much and will help you in the face of any unforeseen situation.

  • Padlock. Make sure your suitcase is tightly closed. Sometimes we have our luggage prepared and in order, but we lack something as indispensable as the security of a protected suitcase.

    Travel safe and quiet
    At We Park we care about you, so that your luggage helps you to turn your getaway into a unique experience and does not make you think about anything other than enjoyment. Therefore, for your peace of mind, make sure that all the elements count and are safe, from the suitcase to your car. To do this, at We Park we offer you surveillance service and access to your vehicle 24 hours, so that your only purpose is to make the trip your best trip and always with the certainty that everything is under control.

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