Essentials in your suitcase (I)

A trip starts from the moment you start planning it. Deciding the destination and the activities you will perform during your getaway can be as special as the trip itself. Making the suitcase can also be an exciting time, it means that the trip is near and that our adventure is about to begin. If you are an organized person, probably from the first moment in which you know what kind of trip you are going to live, you start planning what things will be useful for you and which things you will be able to do without. On the other hand, many other people tend to leave the suitcase as something secondary, preparing it at the last minute and sometimes forgetting important things.

But the reality is that luggage is the engine that will make a difference in whether something goes well or not during our stay. So, to facilitate the task of making a suitcase, it is really useful to prepare a list to never forget anything. If you do not have time to do it for your next trip, here we leave you our essentials for all types of trips:

A trick: create clothing sets
Our main advice is that you wear only the clothes you think you need. This way you will have more space to store everything you buy during the trip in your suitcase. For this, a good method is to create sets of clothes to know that all the clothings combine with each other and that you only get what you are going to use. To deal with any unexpected you can prepare an extra set.

On the other hand, if you have more space or you are one of those who prefer to take extra clothes to choose what to wear during the trip, you will not have problems when preparing your luggage. Even so, remember to include in your suitcase: clothes, underwear, shoes, pijama, jacket and a bag or backpack.

Documentation by hand
Do not forget all the documentation that you will need during the trip: ID card, passport, European Health Card, driving license, international driving license, travel insurance policy, visa, air tickets, the hotel booking, tickets to tourist monuments … These are the most common documents in travel, but you may need some more for your getaway, such as if you travel with pets. Check in detail the route and the activities you will do to be completely sure that you do not forget anything.

It is very advisable that you have all the documentation together and ordered according to when you need it. We also recommend that you keep it in a protected place so as not to lose it, but at the same time be easily accessible. A purse is a good option.

Toiletry bag: What to include
The toilet is one of the items that most occupy a suitcase, so we advise you to be as accurate as you can and keep in mind that you can not include more than ten containers with liquids in excess of 100ml on the plane and that these must be in a clear plastic bag. So you have two options: buy the products with containers of a maximum size of 100 milliliters or fill cans of this size with your usual ones. In supermarkets and drugstores sell all kinds of items designed for travel: toothpaste, foam, gel, shampoo, hair gel, fixative spray, creams, colognes, deodorants … In cosmetics you can bet on free samples that you have, as they occupy Little space and it is likely to last you the whole trip.

To transport objects such as nail clippers, scissors or razors it is recommended that you be informed of the restrictions of your airline and destination. To make sure, contact the airline or Aena if you have questions about a particular item that you have to travel with.

These are our first three essentials. If you have been useful, wait for the second part of this post (click here) because we will add more to the current listing.

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