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Frozen trips in Christmas

In this post Wepark is going to tell how to travel to the coldest places of the planet in Christmas. The coldest places of the planet are: Antarctica, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Alaska, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Greenland or Iceland. The winter in some of these places is a very difficult mission. In both hemispheres there are gathered temperatures that can reach them -90ºC.


The biggest country of the world has many types of climate in its territory, however, winter in the northern part of the country, Siberia, can become very hard. Winter in Russia lasts 5 months and temperature is reached-72 ° C. The coldest village in Russia is called Oymyakon and is considered one of the coldest villages in the world, how to travel to Oymyakon? It is located 7,000 kilometers from Moscow, in the region of Yakutsk. From Alicante you can take a direct flight up to the Russian capital. The price ranges between 170 and 350 euros for person. Once you have come to Moscow you have to take a plane up to Yakutsk. The only way of coming to Oymyakon is by road and there are 12 hours journey. The duration of the trip going out from Alicante is two days and a half.


The Russian Base Vostok is a investigation station that is in the Antarctica. It is the place where the lowest temperature of the Planet has registered,-89 ´2ºC, normal temperature if you see its location in the map, center of the Antarctica is in the part being the only base inside the continent. The climatic conditions are very extreme. The Base is to 2.490 meters high: How to come up to the Russian Base Vostok? The easiest way is to take a plane up to Ushuaia, Argentina, Doing a stopover in Madrid or Barcelona. Although it can also be from Montevideo or New Zealand. Once you are in South America there are several possibilities to reach Antarctica. One of the most used options is through a cruise. When you are in Antarctica and touches ground, it is an impossible mission to find the Vostok Base, as it is under the snow. To come to the center of the Antarctica you will need a sledge thrown by air with a kite system it is necessary to cross 4.000 kilometers of pure ice. The only way to see the base is by to the antennas that are spotted in the distance. If you are able to come to the station, you can say that you are in one of the coldest places of the world.


There are colder places but this country despite being a place where the temperatures reach the -50 ºc, it is also a very touristy place thanks to the great claim that are the Northern Lights. When visiting Finland you have to go very prepared with clothes for low temperatures. One of the tricks is to fill up with layers and have a quality waterproof footwear. Helsinki and Lapland are the two most visited places in Finland. From Alicante there is the option to go with direct flight with the companies Norwegian or KLM. The price round between 150 and 300 euros per person. Once you are in Helsinki you can reach Lapland by plane, train, bus or car.

Wepark shows you several options for adventurous people who are not afraid of the cold and like to spend a few different days. As you can see from the airport Alicante-Elche you can reach any part of the planet. Traveling to extreme places can be converted into a highly recommended trip with the necessary preparation for it. Alicante has one of the best communications of the province and Wepark puts the icing on the cake, having a parking at 200 meters from the airport and with excellent facilities to spend a complete vacation. Wepark has transport to the terminal with an immediate and free shuttle bus service with the option to pick up you at arrival. Wepark allows you to have the option of going to the airport in your own vehicle without the worry of having it in perfect condition to the return.

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