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Is it worth hiring a travel insurance?

It is usual when winter approaches, the bad weather in Europe becomes a small problem when it comes near of the travel date. Delay, last-minute cancellations, loss of checked baggage or the carry-on bag does not have the measures required by the airline are the typical concerns of any person when travelling.

On Sunday, December 10, several countries in Europe were affected by the storm, and thousands of flights were cancelled due to the snow and ice blocking the runways.United Kingdom and northern Europe were affected by gusts of storm forcing the passenger to schedule really well when and how to make the trip or whether to hire a travel insurance or not.

Coverage of an airline travel insurance

If you are a person who likes to anticipate events and allow your pocket, when you decide to hire a travel insurance you realize the countless coverages offered by airlines: baggage theft, flight cancellation for several reasons, Sickness, accident, special baggage, pet insurance, flight loss coverage and even kidnapping. Each of these options has a corresponding rate, so it becomes an option that few people usually hire. It is normal for the passenger to choose the cheap travel insurance when he buys the ticket, but there is also the option to do so through companies that are dedicated to selling travel insurance. It is very difficult to guess that a month view make a trip and do not go to have a cancellation for the temporary bad, as happened last December 10 to tourists who saw how their flight was suspended by winds that reached the speed of between 130 and 140 Km/h with the famous storm “Ana”. In Spain, about 68 flights were cancelled throughout the country.

What decision to make?

Faced with this situation of uncertainty and not depending on oneself, hiring a trip insurance can be a very complicated task because we do not know what is going to happen and we can not appreciate all the possibilitys, as it can get out the trip very expensive. It is advisable to choose according to the time you are going to travel, the destination, duration, necessary baggage, value of the belongings, health, etc. To reflect on these aspects can be crucial to take a correct decision and to be able what insurance hire.

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