If you are one of those who like nature, camping and sleeping under the stars but with all the
amenities … Glamping is for you.
And what is that? Well, in today’s post we will tell you. Glamping is a concept, used by
Those travelers who like to go camping but with glamor, is to have all the comforts of
a hotel while you sleep in nature and live an incredible and different experience.
Currently in the market there is a wide network of companies, websites and glampists that offer services, hiring and experiences. There are all over the world, including Spain and the United Kingdom where they celebrate famous festivals. This experience may vary in price, costing one € 9,000 on weekend, as is the case with the Camp Kerala site considered the most glamorous and located in UK.
If you are one of those who practice this type of camping or are curious to know where they are these places around the world … we give you all the details below:

In Ireland:
In Kerry County, about 1.5 KM from Killarney to the southwest of the country, is “Killarney
Glamping at the Grove. ” Here you will find stores distributed in a beautiful orchard with a fire for roast marshmallows, board games and separate gas showers.
All shops have double beds, luxurious sheets, stove, furniture and a private kitchen with
beautiful views, dining table and benches, and if you request it, they provide you with a portable fridge, picnic tablecloth, flashlights and iPod dock.

In United States:
Here we find the luxury campsite “Conestoga Ranch”, inspired by the far west. It is a camping 5
Stars where you can sleep outdoors, in this place instead of shops you can spend the night in
19th-century wagons but with all current comforts.
It is a perfect place to spend unforgettable holidays. The Conestoga is located in Garden
City, 10 km from Lake Bear, and offers beautiful views of the lake, a playground, ping-pong tables, Pong and a restaurant.

In Mexico:
“Harmony Glamping Tulum” is located in the middle of the rainforest and consists of a farm
ecological of 5,000 m2. A glamping where nature and its care are the axis of the project, which
It is proven that your furniture is made of recycled material.
Here you can sleep in tents with all the comforts of a hotel, you will also have
with pool tables, hammocks, restaurants of Mexican cuisine and the possibility of walking through the beach or the jungle.

In Indonesia:
The “Sandat Glamping Tents” is inspired by green philosophy. It has a design based on
eco-architecture and is surrounded by green areas. The stores have been decorated with elements of Balinese crafts.
Each tent has huge round beds, private pool, garden, private bathroom with shower,
hairdryer, minibar and iPod dock. They also offer store service, English snack
daily, transfer service to the center of Ubud and ticket sales.

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