Valentine’s Day trips

According to Google data, on this very special date one of the most used gifts is travel. So if you are thinking about giving it to your partner, you will love this post. And is that today in the Wepark blog, we have decided to tell you about the best destinations to give a trip this Valentine’s Day 2020 and it falls weekend, so it will be perfect to make a trip together to the beach or fly to a country Foreign. Perfect moments to save in memory and also to add to the photo album.

Paris, Rome or Budapest, are some of the cities that are part of this list of ideal destinations, for February 14. So let’s tell you about some of them.

It is one of the ideal cities to travel, dare to discover historical monuments, its original streets, the cheerful atmosphere and a unique gastronomy. Rome is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations. So if you decide, giving a romantic getaway to this city will be a gift that will not fail.


It is the famous city of love, therefore the best option to go for a romantic getaway this 2020. Here you can learn about French culture, visit beautiful places like the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum with its Mona Lisa and the Stunning Cathedral of Sacre Coeur. Not to mention the number of restaurants, where you can taste the world famous French cuisine.


A city with just 120,000 inhabitants, is the capital of Iceland. It is a city full of natural splendor and breathtaking landscapes. Get lost in them, enjoy incredible cuisine, take a dip in the Blue Lagoon or have the opportunity to see a Northern Lights, nothing more romantic than enjoying this unique experience with your partner.


A romantic city par excellence, in addition to countless countless romantic dances and which you can attend, with admission. For this date, it is ideal to go to the Johann Strauss Dance,
which is celebrated on February 13. Vienna is an ancient and modern city at the same time; In addition to having a mix of culture, cuisine and music. This city is known worldwide, for being the cradle of composers such as Mozart, Strauss or Beethoven.


Better known as the “City of Gold”, thanks to its luxury and sumptuousness. It is ideal to get lost among its many walks, fashion shops, typical bazaars or restaurants. But without a doubt, the place to visit is the Burj Khalifa with its wonderful view of the largest fountain in the world and the desert of Dubai.


This Hungarian capital is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe, it is a beautiful city and it has a special charm when the lights are low. Here you can meet the Parliament, observe the waters of the Danube, stroll through the Fisherman’s Bastion and enjoy the imperial Castle.

It is a city of Spain full of unique and romantic corners; Ideal to enjoy with that special person. And Madrid has it all, from parks, shops, gardens to restaurants. Do not think much and dare to lose yourself in the Retiro park, the Sabatini Gardens, the Arab baths or to discover the city from the sky, on a balloon ride.

In short, you choose the destination you choose, all you need is that person to enjoy these magical and romantic places together!

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