Holidays in September: what to do after the summer

With the last days of summer and temperatures that still accompanies it, someone would say that we have already said goodbye to August and the season with its endless plans, is about to end. Surely you have heard the terms such as post-holiday syndrome, or the return to routine becomes more durable than we have thought … But, relax, it is not all negative, it is still summer and we can enjoy the last weeks of September, with the airplanes that remind us that the summer is more than a season, it is an attitude.

Music festivals
We have already talked about the main music festivals between July and August, but in September you can still enjoy some and if you have not had the opportunity to go to the ones you wanted during those months, now you have the option.

If you are a music lover of the ’90s, Eternal Music Fest. Find great groups of the stage of the time to make you enjoy times where music took control of numerous situations. On September 29 in Dos Hermanas.
End of summer Fest is the first edition of a festival with metal genre that, in Seville, will be held next Saturday, September 15.

The Dcode, this year with bands like Imagine Dragons, Bastille or The Vaccines will play on September 8 at the Complutense University of Madrid their great successes. Also as the first edition on August 31 and September 1, the Empower Music Fest in Madrid held in Madrid, has a poster of 70% female figures including Belako, Carmen Boza, Mourn or Joana Serrat.

Routes through your city
On many occasions, we go far to discover new spaces when, very close, we have places and experiences that did not know that they could exist and that did not pay attention. If we intend to describe clearly all the emblematic places in the area where we live, surely we will do it perfectly, but do we know all the planes that are in our area? September is a good time for us to take a few moments of relaxation and we get to know the place where we live and that surely can surprise us. From tourist routes to specific activities that people with the same inerests look for. You would be amazed to find out everything you may be missing.

Sport activities
Water activities can still be discovered in September: surfing, paddle surfing, diving, snorkeling, rowing … these are just some of the activities that are carried out. Find out what is the most appropriate for you and, dare! And without needing to get wet, you can make some like beach volleyball.

Relaxation plan
Both inside and outside the house, you can enjoy a relaxing plan. For the first option, surely you fancy a few days in a spa with thermal waters that reduce in the case of reality that negative sensation by the return to routine. But, if you decide to relax at home, it’s a good time to take advantage of the premieres of both cinema and series. On Netflix the returns of Las chicas del cable with his season 3 and productions such as Atypical, Bojack Horseman, Iron First and Maniac. HBO Spain bets on Mayans MC, The Deuce or Manifest. And Movistar + returns in September with the return of Jim Carrey in Kidding. Also it arrives to see Shameless, Velvet Collection or The Young Sheldon.

Your particular plan
September is also a time when we propose new habits and carry out activities that we have always thought about, but for certain reasons, we are postponing. Take advantage of the month after the summer to do everything you’ve wanted. You must dedicate that moment to yourself and start your own personal project that makes you feel the best way possible.

It does not have to be a very difficult purpose to achieve, but with small details, you can break your routine.
The famous and friendly known as back to school can be durable, but also not be that way. We just have to have the attitude of wanting to continue enjoying these last days of summer, propose the maximum levels that make us feel good with ourselves feeling that, after the summer, we can also continue to exist if we dedicate ourselves a few moments of relaxation and disconnection. Whatever happens and while this happens, we at We Park continue to worry about the safety of your vehicle. If your plan is far from home, before taking off on your flight, we offer you the first step of your peace of mind with our parking service next to the airport. Now, you just have to worry about doing all the plans you had planned.

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