Traveling by car in summer: recommendations

When we plan to travel, we forget that we have to think wich things we want to take when we go to trip. We take the car to destination and half of the way have unexpected situation that we don’t know how to solve it. If you don’t want this to happen, it is necessary to follow the instructions for driving and the driver, as for the vehicle and passengers.

#1 Check your car
Apart of the preparation of the luggage, It is necessary to know that the vehicle is ready to move without problems. For this, it is advisable that before making a long trip, you have to be sure that everything is working correctly.

Air condition: summer hot and more in the month of August, is very high, so the air conditioning system must be correct.
Interior filters: check that filters are not obstructed, it is important before going on the trip to check it and not to force the entry of air from the outside.
Tires: to have a right braking capacity, is good to take a look at the tires.
● Liquids: check all the levels of all the liquids, such as oil, windshield wipers, brake or refrigerant gas, must be at the proper level.
Distribution belt: know that the quality and caducity date of distribution belt is on time to be sure that the engine is going to be ok all the trip.
Brakes: check that they can be in good, if necessary, change the brake pads.
● Shock absorbers: there is a minimum of years and kilometers, so if you have not reviewed them for more than 4 or 5 years or have exceeded 60000km, maybe it’s time to change them.
Battery: charged before traveling.

#2 Have the trip planned:
Betting on improvisation is very good, but sometimes it is better to have everything planned. In summer you should avoid activities in very hot hours. The least indicated are from 12h to 16h … so it is always preferable that you move on the road in the early hours of the morning or late afternoon.

#3 Do not forget to take breaks
Even if you really want to reach the destination, do not forget to make stops. Approximately every two hours, give yourself a break of about 15 minutes, stretch your legs and take advantage to regain strength.

#4 Tranquility:
Do not hurry to get to the place, so control the speed on the road, nothing have to make you lose your nerves.You will arrive where you want to enjoy your own relaxation, look at that thought as a goal, and during the journey, take the opportunity to talk with your family and think that you are getting a little closer each time.

#5 Luggage
It is very important that during your trip by car all your luggage is well placed so that you can have more safety. Think that luggage can get move, it will cause you some damage. Before starting the vehicle, check that everything is in order and placed.

#6 Food and drink:
In addition to including it in your journey, keep in mind the following: try not to make very big meals before starting the trip, as this way you will avoid possible embarrassments and feel bad in the car.
While traveling, always carry water, do not forget it.

#7 If you go with children, keep them entertained:
Traveling with children is always a luck ,but, spending many hours in a car going to that place, nerves can be lost and not only on your part. Children have to feel comfortable, which is why it is so important that they have options to be entertained.
With a tablet they can watch movies or listen to music. This is an advantage, these activities can become an educational moment with them.

#8 Enjoy:
At any moment you can learn, so think that your own journey on the road you can also do, either sharing a chat with your travel companions, such as listening to anecdotes or imagining the plan you will make in your destination.

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